Tuesday, January 12, 2010

old fashion fun.

My favorite.
Playing in the mud.
Playing outside.
Playing in the sunshine.
That is real fun.
Digging deep holes that lead to far off places.
Treasures to be found and treasures to be hidden.
These are the days that make little boys.
These are the days when I find little rocks
and army guys hiding in their pockets.

A full day of adventures means a good night's sleep
dreaming of their explorations for tomorrow.
Little boys.


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Happy New Year!
I was just stopping by to say Hi and to catch up with you.
May all your dreams come true this year!
Love your new "friend". I need a new "friend too", love the RED.
Take care,
Elizabeth~Home is Where the Heart is

The Rose Room said...

Yep, real old fashioned play fun! Needs to be more of it! Rachaelxo