Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sometimes it's really difficult for the boys to play with their sister. Sophia is number 3 behind the two boys, so naturally, she looks up to them. Unfortunately, Parker has little sister syndrome and wants to leave his little sister out of the action during exciting battles and adventures. I am not ok with that. It breaks Sophia's heart.

I've tried explaining to him the concept of chivalry and how the treatment of his sister will be indicative of how he'll treat his wife someday, but alas, a nine year old can only grasp so much. There's still time for him to leave some of his caveman-like tendencies behind.

My brother had the same syndrome. I was never introduced by him as his sister, but just as plain old Wendy-- as if no one would make the connection as to our relationship and they would just think that I was some little glrl that tagged along. He wouldn't take ownership of the fact that he had one of those little sister people.

However, as the years marched on and my brother grew in his relationship with God, he became the older brother I'd always wanted, but never had. I'm hoping Parker will one day have a similar awakening in his feelings toward his sister-- only a lot sooner.


true blessings said...

know what you mean,my 13 yr old son and 12 yr old daughter are almost always at war,I was like that withmy brother but now I think he's my favorite!lol...sigh

Sara x said...

Having all girls we dont really face that, they go from wanting to strangle each other to best friends in seconds. Now we have a foster son i watch how they mother him, it so sweet.

Renegades said...

Our two fight like enemies yet can be the best of friends. However with just two kids they don't have any other siblings to choose from.:)

Inglesidemom said...

Completely understand. We have four girls and one boy. He did muscle his way into many a Barbie doll play time out of sheer desperation for a playmate.

Tina Fisher said...

It's interesting to wath them play isn't it?

It will be interesting for us when the baby gets more in the mix.