Friday, February 5, 2010

first foods.

Ruby has been introduced to rice cereal and bananas. From what I gather she really did enjoy the whole exerience, but had no idea what all the mush was actually for. And she certainly does love her cutie pinky high chair although, again, she finds it rather strange that we would all smile, cheer and clap when mommy puts her in it.

Ruby thrives on people-- she loves any type of personal interaction, no matter how subtle. Her big round cheeks will burst with a gigantic sunflower smile at even a hint of attention sent in her general direction. She seems to love almost anything as long as someone is paying attention to her. She really is a very social little wee one and likes having someone around her. The only time she shows any discontent is at nighttime when she awakes to find that mommy has moved her to her own bed or the SWING and that she is NOT snuggled right next to the one who gives her nourishment. But thankfully, from her perspective, mommy is usually quick to oblige.

I am amazed time and time again at the work that God does in my heart with all my little ones. God knits that new baby to my soul and creates a new depth inside me giving me the capacity to love him or her more than I ever thought I could. It becomes as if the child had always been there and I had always loved her. As if it were always meant to be.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty highchair.I always look at the pink and think how cute it would be but with four boys and four girls now we always go for either or colors.

Mercy said...

She is so cute.

Amanda Sikes said...

What a beautiful post!

GapGirl said...

YAAA Ruby. She is beautiful and her name fits her soo well

Kathi said...

This is right around the corner for us!!!

Love her hair, what a cutie!

I absolutely L-O-V-E your header...mine is in desperate need of some TLC!

Glad I found your blog, I'm sure I'll be visiting regularly :)

Amanda said...

What wonderful thoughts to read as I head off to bed.. God is good huh??

I cant get over that gorgeous red hair. Just GORGEOUS!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Your thoughts are so right on! It is God who works in our hearts to give us that amazing love for our's to many more!

ps - Ruby is a doll!

thechattymommy said...

She is so beautiful- I love her name and her hair!