Saturday, February 6, 2010

hip hop in the house.

The other night, dinner was done early and everyone had showered and was ready for bed. Parker and Ethan were entertaining us with their new breakdance moves. The two of them are really into breakdancing and christian rap all of a sudden. It reminded me of when I was a little girl watching my brother do his own really cool moves, so I began looking up b-boy and hip-hop instructional videos on the computer. After I found a few cool videos, I called the family over to check them out hoping the boys could learn some helpful tips. After watching and reviewing about 5 unbelievable moves, the whole family {including daddy} tried to put into practice what they saw.

It was a hoot. I tried also, but my body just ain't what it use to be. {After seven children, I've finally realized that I'm not capable of the same bodily contortions I did as a 17 year old high school cheerleader}.

Now Parker wants to work on a breakdance show to perform at his birthday party {um...2 months away}. I guess the family that breakdances together stays together.
At the very least, it has a lot of fun together.


Marilyn said...

Some moves are best left to the young!!

blessedmomto8 said...

I hurt just watching them LOL! Looks like a blast!

The Redhead Riter said...

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Debbie said...

So funny, a pastor's family breakdancing! I can say that because we too are a pastor's family. I love the pictures. What great memories.