Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm currently obsessed with trying to find a name for our next little blessing. With so much time before the baby is due, you'd think {like my husband does} that I have all the time in the world. As I grow impatient and even weary in my struggle, my hubby likes to remind me that if God is willing to give us another one, then shouldn't I just know that God will also give me a name for him or her?

What a novel idea, eh?

Sometimes I think I have the perfect name for a girl. Actually, I'm positive I do. But it's the boy's name that is weighing on me. I start reciting so many names that I become dizzy.

Almost dizzy.

This wouldn't be so difficult if my husband would just allow me to name the baby whatever I want, but somewhere along the way, as our family has grown, we agreed that we would agree on any name we chose.
I like the name Jasper, but realized that with a Pearl and a Ruby already in the line-up, it would seem like we had a precious stone fetish, when in reality I just thought it was a cool, old-time southern name. I liked Jackson, but never want him to be called Jack. And I know that that's exactly what would happen. Nothing wrong with Jack, but I prefer names that cannot be shortened into a nickname. Jackson to Jack.

I have always found out what I'm having through our ultrasound appointments except with Ethan. He was a total surprise in the delivery room. My husband really wanted to not know so I agreed. This time I REALLY want to not find out-- it's just SO hard when the technician who is looking right at the baby asks you if you want to know! Don't tell me that's not true.

If I had to guess this baby's gender, I'd have to say that I am convinced it's going to be a boy. My reason? It's because my last six pregnancies have followed this pattern: boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl......and so the next one should be a boy. Obviously-- we'll find out soon enough.


true blessings said...

I like the name Willow,River,Neftali(spanish spelling).For girls: Kayla,Juliette

Katrina said...

My pattern is this:
Boy, girl, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.

So the last six have followed the every-other-one pattern. So funny how that happens, huh?

My sister has a Jacob and absolutely refuses to call him Jake. He's almost five years old and so far no one has. But, when he gets older.... you just never know. So I know what you mean with the name Jackson. Eventually, someone will call him Jack, and it just might stick.

I have an Alex. It is not short for Alexander. He is simply Alex. My husband loved the name, but didn't care too much for Alexander. So we just named him Alex. No one ever calls him Alexander. Funny how people will shorten a name, but never add to it.

We have all A names for our children. Our baby is now 20 months old, and I don't know if we will be blessed with another, but if we are and if we have another girl, her name will be Ayla. A boy will be Aiden.

So far we have Anthony, Audriana, Afton, Alex, Avery, Adam, Aislynn, Andrew and Aria :)

Kim said...

When it came to my last two babies (my first two pregnancies and my and my husbands only two) my husband said "I've already named babies, you can name them anything you want" (of course I'd named 3 babies too when I adopted my 3, but apparently that wasn't the point).

Now normally that would have thrilled me but I really wanted him to agree to the names and so I really persuaded him to agree to names he'd never in a million years have chosen. All so I could say we agreed LOL (pregnant woman logic!) And so we have Ian and Connor :)

Now I have a boy name for you (not actually knowing each of your boys names): Levi. Nice and sound and no nicknames. :)

Alison Gibbs said...

names are always so hard to pick.
One of my girls names is Amy and I never thought it could be shortened but it does, she gets called Aim and Ames.

Diane said...

Picking out names is so much fun, but yet so hard! Boy names are the tough ones for us. However, we've had the same girl name for the past nine years!! All of your kids' names are so cute, btw.

Katy and Ross said...

I love the name Jackson! It's adorable. What would be your choice if it's a girl?

Kriss said...

I think the reason it's so fun to pick a name so early is because you start developing a bond and identfifying that baby as the person they will become. It's no longer..just the baby will be due in ...but (for example) Jasper will be due on. For lack of a better word, it becomes real and not so generic. :) I'm sure what ever name you come up with will be amazing and be God breathed! :)

Kriss said...

Ps. For a girl, you could always use.... Larkin, Hyacinth, Voilet, Lily, Camille, Shelby. For a boy I love the name...Sterling, Lyndon, Wyatt. :)

Rachel said...

With our last little one we didn't decide on the name until the day he was born. We struggled with coming up with the right name. I just kept praying and letting it go...I knew that he would get the right name. And he did!

My pattern is gggbbbb...the last little one was the tiebreaker! When we had the ultrasound my husband declared, "looks like we've got the majority." That we? The males in our household.

Blessings with the names!