Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Dreams of projects are dancing around in my head. Spring has brought me to a place of wanting to clean out the old laundry room and make it something new. More space to add to our home. I have new projects on my mind, but my poor husband has not had the time to finish the ones he already started awhile back. I want to clean out every large and small space that is in my home. Less is always better to me. Moving around furniture is usually a very gratifying exercise, except you quickly exhaust all the possible configurations when you have a small house like mine. A new coat and color of paint in our living/dining room sounds scrumptious as well and I've even hinted to my husband that a red rose patterned wallpaper might be just the touch we(I) need to really catapult me out of the homeschool, spring fever doldrums. Piles of chewed toys and rusted thingies that have spent the winter growing spider webs in our back yard need to be disposed of and all the popped balls really do need to go. Weeds, aphids and roses with rust need tending. And the patio furniture definitely needs to be cleaned. Our extra large picnic table needs Parker's yearly coat of black paint.
I could not possibly be nesting at only 8 weeks-- could I? But I am craving carne asada tostadas loaded with green hot sauce every waking minute.
I really do need a few long, sunny days outside watching the kids play, watering the lawn and casually working in the garden. Sometimes my house becomes a prison (figuratively, of course) because I feel like I can't enjoy the fresh air until all my indoor work is done. But the truth is that just a few hours outside can completely change my perspective on everything inside.
We've got a week off for Spring break-- there's just a few things that need to get done before all the company comes over for the Easter egg hunt and Resurrection Day celebration.... just a few things. Hopefully, we can enjoy ourselves more than not.

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Is that site not the weirdest?? I am so thankful CopMama shared it so we can all feel a little more secure in the amount of info the internet is sharing about us!