Monday, March 15, 2010


This weekend found me, literally, quite busy. With Charlie, Pearl & Lincoln sick, I had to send the three oldest with my niece to a birthday party down South so that the sickies stayed contained. On Sunday, my brother came up to preach for our congregation in the morning and evening. It was great! We all went out to eat afterwards at Wendy's while the 12 cousins played and talked and ate.

But lately, I've had a lot going on. Did I mention a lot. Just to name a few things......Starting a new Childrens Church curriculum in all three of our classes. Printing, laminating, reading everything. Organizing all the material and coordinating the schedules for our eight teachers (which I made mistakes on and had to do again!) making sure that everyone would be able to understand the new format & ideas.

Looking forward and gearing up to start a new women's Bible study at our church. I am really trying to study and familiarize myself with the material.

Where, oh where, do I find the time?

On top of this, I am making murals, bulletin boards, flannel boards, hanging posters and rearranging furniture in the childrens church for our Gospel Light curriculum next Sunday.

Oh yeah-- and Easter is coming up quickly, so I hope the children's program I have all works out...

If you came to our church over the past few Sundays you would have seen me toting my video camera and Nikon camera to capture our church in action for baptisms, fellowship meals {potlucks}, worship, congregation snaps, childrens church activities and outreaches. I feel like one of the paparzzi-- all to send in video footage and church collage pictures for an upcoming bible conference later this year. All with deadlines.

My laptop has taken a beating so I've been struggling to back-up 1,980 family pictures that won't allow me to export them, or won't fit on the disk. I'm afraid of losing them when I get the computer repaired, but many of the pictures refuse to be transferred. I'm stuck. I have had pictures developed at Target, Rite-Aid, Costco & Wal-greens and have been very disappointed with all the pictures. Then I went to Wal-Mart. And wow-- their fuji machine printed the hottest pictures. The down-side of this new discovery is: Now I need to head back there to print up more.

Did I mention loving my children, washing vomit sheets, home schooling, answering emails of individuals who claim I need attention by trusting God with my family size and preparing to host Easter at my lovely home?

Planning the church up coming calendar and sending my husband to do a revival a couple hours away very soon. And laundry all at the same time.

Oh, I forgot-- and growing a baby in my tummy.

I am very thankful that God has given me the ability to multi-task and not become overloaded. He has helped me maintain my focus and given me the drive to get it all done while keeping my sanity. He gives me the necessary skill required to allocate time to complete tasks without neglecting the most important aspect of being a mommy: my kids. I find that through God working in my life, I have become a person who thrives on getting things done; I haven't always been like this. Organizing, planning, seeing it through. This is not a brag-imony {not a testimony} just a little peak into my life right now.

I'm on fire right now and if this had been a couple years ago, I wouldn't have been able to handle the heat. As I look back, I see God really moving and changing me. Stretching and growing me.

It's awesome.


Lisa said...

makes my head spin!! you go girl! (such a cheesy '90s phrase, but it fit!)

Marilyn said...

Well....I would definitely say that God is in your life Honey because with all you have to do & all you do that is the only way you can get the energy to do it!!
((Did you understand that??))
Love Ya'!!

GapGirl said...

WOW...unbelievable... I will pray for you , for continued strength !! Do you get morning sickness?

Chrissy said...

You need to get an external hard drive for those pic' will free up so much room on your computer...those SLR pictures take up a ton of room =)

No Ordinary Me said...

I understand it all. I love the picture.

Sarah said...

O.k. that WORE ME OUT! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

I would LOVE to hear about the children's church stuff. That's always a challenge for our church to find GOOD stuff to use!