Friday, May 28, 2010


Last week, on my birthday, my husband, me and the kids all loaded up in the van for a day of shopping and fast food. What a dream day-- We were at the stores by 9:30. Yippie! I cannot tell you how many stores we shopped, but I will say that the kids were great and everyone got some new summer clothes. Being someone who loves to shop, I don't care who I am buying for.

In the middle of our shopping spree, we stopped into Carl's Jr. for my favorite Bacon Western Cheeseburger and onion rings while the kids were treated to happy meals. I am not a regular at fast food chains anymore, so it was a great treat. And good too.

After a long day, we ended it with the kid's swim lessons and a whole new summer wardrobe for me. Ha! My husband made homemade bbq sandwiches with baked beans and coleslaw. I love anything with bbq sauce. As dessert, I had red velvet cake for the first time. Interesting.

Then on Saturday, my parents came up and took my husband and me to my FAVORITE restaurant....Woodranch. Soooo good! And later that evening, we topped it off with a strawberry cake along with my parents, MIL, and the kids.

I went to bed thinking that this had been the best birthday ever. Honestly. And a big smile on my face.

Now.....for this weekend and more bbq. Yum.


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday. Glad you had a wonderful day. I never heard of Carl' must be a regional thing. I am in the Northeast. Sounds good though.

The Pauls' Family said...

Sounds like a great time! Happy belated birthday : Shopping sounds like something I might choose to do on my birthday!

The Rose Room said...

Happy belated birthday, sounds like it was the best day! Rachaelxo

Krista said...

Happy Birthday! What a great day - you got so much in! So did you like the red velvet cake? I'm not a fan - but most people just go crazy over it.

Happy Friday!!

Visions Of Purpose said...

Love you blog. It is so pretty. Shopping is always fun for me. Just like you it doesn't matter who I am shopping for.