Saturday, July 24, 2010


I woke up this morning feeling as if somebody ripped my shoulders out of the sockets while I was sleeping....then I remembered that I used the tricep machine when I worked out yesterday.

I really need to head over to the church today and add miracle grow to all the new, indoor plants and trees we just bought.

I'm as excited as a little girl at a birthday party to get rid of all the fake trees we had there.

In a few minutes, my husband will be rolling the walls now that he's painted the ceiling and cutting in the edges the past two days.

I'm really bummed that for most of the summer so far, the sun has been hiding behind a marine layer that just won't go away. June gloom has extended into July. Go away!

Sophia is turning 6 this coming Wednesday and I broke into the pinata candy and ate a small bag of Skittles. My kids were horrified.

I bought a few new books and a cool dvd last week: In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms, Help Meet's Journey (a 1 year journal) and Marriage God's Way DVD by the Pearls.

I loved the Help Meet book so much I am planning a Titus 2 Women's Bible study for October after we finish up our "Loved by God" Bible study.

Instead of doing a bi-monthly power cleaning on my home I have been attacking spots everyday and have a house that is staying squeaky clean longer. My new cleaning obsession is to use mop & glow type stuff on my wood floors... I'm almost tempted to do it every day. Love it.

We changed Charlie's bed around, gave him daddy's old, wooden dresser and redecorated his section of the boy's bedroom. And by golly, he really loves his new cowboy corner. Accessories and all.

Yesterday at Costco, I found the neatest maps-- I've been looking for maps like these for what seems to be a lifetime. I bought 3...... a map of the United States, a World Map for our new and upcoming school room and a children's map for over Parker's bed. They are way neat and were only @ $7 apiece. Go out and get yours... Now!

My husband got up at 445am this morning to prepare for his Mighty Men's meeting-- he just walked in the door, so this wraps it up.


Marilyn said...

Sounds like everyone has been busy!!
Hope you get some of that ole' California sun soon!!
Have a Great Day!
p.s. We just had some friends of 30+ years move to Fresno, California from NE Penna. What a change for them!!

No Ordinary Me said...

Sounds like a lot of busy and productive work and fun going on.

Where do you school? How do you plan and organize for your children?

Lisa said...

I'm going to have to hit costco!! maps sound so fun for our playroom/homeschool room!

true blessings said...

Hi! I found a picture of me when i was about 4 ,i had mentioned a while back that your oldest daughter,reminded me of me a little ,so I willpost pic on my blog since I do not see an email.Let me know if you saw it! :)