Monday, July 26, 2010

a comment I left on another blog.

Up until this coming year, we have schooled at the dining room table and have even been known to use a tv dinner tray on the couch as a desk. I do not want to mimic a traditional classroom, but I am excited that my husband is turning our old laundry room into a home school headquarters.

When we moved our washer and dryer into a closet, I no longer had to go outside to get the wash done. That freed up some space which has kind of been used as a junk/utility room where our two doggies sleep. We'll have to make some other kind of sleeping arrangements for them and my husband will have to find places to stick all his tools and stuff, but I think it's really gonna be a blessing to me and my students. ( ; < )

Organizing you ask?
My husband always mentions that if it doesn't get put down on the calendar, then it won't get done.

Church, school, family, etc.

I tend to thrive on organizing.
Could be considered bossy if I'm not careful.
I really need order, but at the same time I'm learning to be a bit more flexible.

I use ABEKA books because of the time I save not having to build my own curriculum, and because of it's infusion of scripture and Biblical principles throughout its materials.

My husband is a huge help and we are usually on the same page regarding our home and family expectations. I think this is the number one way of running a home with many little children.


thechattymommy said...

I love when you share anything about how you run your household!
Sounds great by me!

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

Your last sentence is SO TRUE. Brian and I are a team. I'm often asked "How do you do it?"

I respond two things, "My Husband helps...ALL THE TIME, seriously, every minute he's at home, he is helping in some way."

*and* ...

"I do NOT have seven 2 yr children are from 10 months to 13 yrs...makes a big difference!"