Tuesday, July 27, 2010

friends in the church.

Found another book to buy.
Friendship for Grown-Ups by Lisa Whelchel.

The funny thing is that God has been putting 'friendship' on my heart lately to share with the ladies at my church.

A few things that I remember as being integral upon my arrival and plugging into my mother church have now begun to come back to me as my husband and I pioneer our church here. One of the main things was the friendships I developed early on as a newcomer, a baby Christian and a new mommy.

To say I was excited to stumble upon this book would be an understatement.

This follows along the lines of what God has already been putting on my heart.

This Wednesday evening at church, the women and men will split up and I'll share and teach on this very topic: friends. We have a fantastic group of ladies at our church who I really enjoy knowing and watching as God works in their lives. I love seeing this kind of potential in them. They really do have so much to offer one another, but what we need is God's hand to draw it out of them.

An idea (from my new book) to help us come out of our shells, which I absolutely love, is to have each of the women put their name on a card along with a few prayer requests and attach it to a bracelet. The bracelets, names and prayer requests will all be put in a basket together and each woman will draw one. Then they will pray for that sister everyday for a month, being reminded by the bracelet they now wear. At the end of a month of praying, we'll get together again and listen to, what I believe will be, awesome testimonies of what God has done.
I can't wait to tell the ladies.

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Diane said...

Love this post and love the bracelet idea! What a blessing and encouragement for the ladies in your church.