Thursday, September 16, 2010


How does one acquire peace in the house?

If I had to choose 2 things I would like to firmly establish in my home, they would be: peace and joy.

With 7 children under the age of 10, we have a tendency to get a little loud, crazy and overly excited, and occasionally, I can get a little stressed, but I do think peace and joy can always be present.

It is something I contend for everyday.

I don't need to micro-manage my children, but I don't want to be a Mommy who is too busy to participate in their daily activities.

I am not living to please myself even though I do struggle with selfishness. I am living to raise the next generation for Jesus.

Homeschooling, discipline, snuggling, watching little guys build legos, eating EVERY meal as a family, pioneering a church WITH my children, putting fresh clean table cloths for every meal, whatever it is-- I know that the sum of all these things is preparing my children for their adult life.


Because it shows them that I take time for the little things.

Even if I'm not that passionate about it is not the issue. My mindset is that if it matters to my children, then it needs to matter to me.

Unless it's foolishness. No room for that.

....But I do want my children to fail first in my home with the safety net of love beneath them and the opportunity to learn how to make right and wise decisions, before the time comes for them to be out there on their own and the stakes are so much higher.

In that way they can learn godly habits and build on a sure foundation.

My husband mentioned last Sunday in his sermon one of his greatest fears would be for any of his children to not be saved. He said, "What difference would it make if I make it to heaven, but my children don't?"

I know that someday they'll have to make their own decisions, but I want to do everything within my power and live in such a way that without hesitation my children want Christ in their lives.

It matters to me.
I want what God wants.
I know He'll help me and that's encouraging.
That is a sure foundation.


No Ordinary Me said...

What a tenderhearted post. I like what you said, If it matters to my children it should matter to me.


The Pauls' Family said...

So true. Peace and joy are so important. It puts things into perspective!

And what a privilege it is to be with our children day in and day out to train their little (and big!) hearts to be fully devoted to God. I wouldn't want it ant other way!

Thanks for this great reminder.


thechattymommy said...

I can't believe what your husband said! My girlfriend and I have been talking about the same thing.
Just a little different.
If we raise our kids the best we can in the Lord and they still turn away- is it "Oh, I did my job they just rebelled" or "I am accountable and something I did was wrong in their upbringing".
I guess I get a little nervous thinking about my kids turning away from the Lord.
They are so young now and it is so hard to even imagine.
It would break my heart for them and I guess it is my pride- I would think all those unsaved around me would be saying, "I knew she wasn't doing the right thing".
Sorry this is so long- A lot to think about I guess. Maybe too much.
Any advice or wisdom would be gladly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I do not know why but I like the comment "I do want my children to fail first in my home" what safer environment for one to learn and GROW then within the dynamics of their very own family, in safety, in love, in care and to grow from such experiences... Thank you..