Saturday, September 18, 2010


The other day I made the kids a picnic in the backyard for lunch. It was great to sit in the sunshine eating together on a tablecloth. Having baby Ruby on my lap eating an apple must have felt great on her budding teeth. The kids decided to take a wagon ride around the patio laughing and just being plain silly. It was a wonderful moment. One of those Mommy moments that make me enjoy just being home with my kids.

All was well until I went in the house to clean up after lunch and the kids came running in telling me to come quick. "It's an emergency" is all I heard. What kind of emergency? I started to get the long version, but as I was heading out the back door I asked for the short version of what happened.

Basically Charlie fell out of the wagon, hit his head and vomited. Just like that. That quick.

Charlie had a bump bigger than a golf ball on the back of his head and was sitting crying on the patio with vomit by his feet. Not a lot but enough to cause me concern.

I went into Mommy mode. The children went into big sibling mode. We were all over him. Ice packs, cold wash cloths, childrens motrin, pillows, prayers, bible reading, calling daddy, more prayers, googled head injuries and taking care of the little ones so others could lend a hand with Charlie.

We worked good as a team. And Mommy was the team captain.

When we knew Charlie didn't need a 911 call or a trip to the emergency room, Ethan and Sophia started to draw him pictures to cheer him up. Charlie was a little shaken up, but with all the reassurance and praying from everyone, he began to relax and rest.

Our little Charlie was just fine and everyone decided to end school for the day and just enjoy each other.

There's always time for school.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Hope he is feeling better!

Sweet how all the kids rallied around Charlie!

You are doing fine work there at home, Wendy!