Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There are days that I feel defeated.

Then, on other days, I can wake up and have a whole new outlook or perspective.

I think it is the holy spirit that brings that change.

Sure-- I can give the credit to a good night's sleep or regaining order in my house, but I truly believe the holy spirit ministers to my heart to encourage and uplift me in my calling as a mom and homemaker.

Having a change of heart is God working on my heart and changing it.

Removing impatience, frustration, selfishness and replacing them with love, patience and perseverance.

It can be difficult letting Him remove these ingrained habits of 26 unsaved years and replacing them with new and better ways.

I do have those difficult days, but as I told my husband the other night.....are they really that difficult?

No, not really.

I could not imagine not being saved. I would consider that to be truly difficult: to live without God in my life, guiding me throughout the day-- that would be horrible. Being married to an unsaved spouse. That would be difficult. Having the worst happen to your child. That would be difficult.

My outlook can be all wrong on those 'hard' days. I am saved by the blood of Jesus, I have wonderful, healthy children, and I am married to the best man I could hope for.

How difficult is difficult?

From God's perspective, I am blessed. And because of that I need to be more like Him.


Kelly said...

People will often look at me and what I deal with having a sick child, and tell me they "don't know how I handle it." Well, I'll tell ya, when you walk through Children's Hospital on a regular basis and see children dragging around IV poles of chemo...

I don't really have any problems. Seriously. There's always a situation more difficult than mine to put mine into perspective!

And THANK GOD, I have Him. It "rains on the just and the unjust" but I have God. How do people survive without that refuge?

Casondra said...

How true this is!

Marla said...

When I read your post,it is as if I have been thinking the same.You do a great job putting all into words.Blessings,Marla