Monday, September 27, 2010

on a roll.

Seriously.....homeschooling has helped me write posts for my 'digital family album' (my blog).

Not sure why or how. My brain is always rolling.

I have so many thoughts, ideas and forming outlooks.

It's a good thing.

It keeps the creative juices flowing.

It causes change in my life and opens the door for God to speak to me about areas I have not considered yet.

Being where God wants you to be is pretty amazing because then He can do what needs to be done.

There is no chasing or waiting-- instead you are there with open arms wanting and waiting for God's construction work to take place on every bit of your heart.


Bunny said...

Bless you. You certainly are an amazing Mother, teacher, nurse etc.
Enjoy being right where you are in the NOW. Fantastic

Anne said...

awwww.. those pictures make me miss my kids being that age. Being right where God wants you is the only place to be...though I have to admit there are many times I have taken a detour...not fun.

Anne @

Iphigenia said...

They're so adorable..they look cuddly and cosy together!!!

Marla said...

Such adorable Children.You are an inspiration to me.Seeing how close in age your little ones are.Mine seem to be being closer ,and closer in age.You do an amazing job!you are an amazing wife ,and Mother.Blessings,Marla

Lori said...

Oh Wendy, this is absolutely precious! melts my heart! Lori