Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My husband is the just the kinda husband I wanted.
He has integrity.
He has the highest dose of perseverance.
His strengths are my weaknesses.
He prays with the children every night.
He brushes lots of little teeth.
He makes campfires in the backyard when Mommy is ready to call it a night.
He prays for owies, bad dreams and foolishnesses with his children.
He prays and speaks blessings over his family.
He leads us to follow God first.
He plays board games, wrestles and tickles.
He builds forts, vegetable boxes and classrooms for his children.
He lets his oldest play the drums for worship when his oldest hasn't completely arrived yet.
He lets things roll off his back that amaze me.
He sees the bigger picture and not what is in the moment.
His faith seeps from the depth of his heart.
He shares his faith in situations others may shun from.
He is a leader.
He loves God more than anything this world has to offer.
He hears from God and listens.
He would do anything for God even if he didn't want to.
He is really smart and isn't prideful.
He does not yell at our children, ever.
He let's the kids work right along with him showing patience the whole way through.
He let's the kids cook with him and do way more than my liking.
He makes memories.
He dies to himself everyday even when it is really hard.
He truly tries to understand me and is getting really good at it.
He is submitted to his Pastor.
He laughs and is thankful for us.
He wants to continue to change and grow and is the first one to say sorry.
He loves to read and is a great writer.
I love to hear him sing.
He dresses pretty cool, even at 40.
He is not sloppy in any area of his life.
He can cook. He can cook really good.
He's from the East Coast which is neat to a California girl.
He does not like my favorite boy name.
He is willing to go with my girl name because it means that much to me.
He can do a mean foot rub.
He knows me and all my weaknesses and isn't fazed by them.
He is the man I knew I wanted to marry the minute I laid my eyes on him.
Ask my brother and sister-in-law.


Tami said...

beautiful! i'm jealous -

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a precious wife you are!

This is a true gift to your husband, Wendy. Thank you for sharing it!

Krista said...

That is so beautiful! He sounds like a wonderful man! Looks like you BOTH got lucky! :)