Thursday, September 2, 2010


I find that with home schooling there is always room for improvement. I discover little changes or add-ons that make the day and lessons (even teaching) go more smoothly.

My biggest challenge (besides having 3 little toddlers running the house during school) is making the most of my time. While teaching or handing out a lesson, there's always another one ready and waiting for Mommy to teach them. I don't like wasting time that could be utilized for school especially when my goal is to finish as early in the day as possible.

I made these lists up last year and tweaked them this year to accommodate our 4th home schooler (Charlie) being added. This list helps me and the kids see what we have done and what is left to do. It keeps them on a schedule and "usually" works so that the kids are not all waiting for Mommy to teach or guide them all at the same time which could add chaos or some frustration for me.

This year I want to have year filled with laughs and as little difficulty as possible. I want to come out of this year talking like Michelle Duggar. Ha! I know it's possible because with God, all things are possible.

Last year, I had so many places that I had to be during the school day and the breaking up of our time was just so inconvenient, but this year we have the days open until Daddy gets home from work. Therefore, we should be able to really get our momentum flowing and be done our work by lunch. This leaves time for all those afternoon sports, hobbies, cleaning or just good old fashion family time.


No Ordinary Me said...

I am trying to adjust a few things to make our schedule go more smooth. For instance, I had Hannah (K) reading lesson in the afternoon when I layed Baby Kyle down. I did this to focus more with her. She struggles a little and so I really have to have her focus. But she is tired and shuts down about lunch.

So, I had to switch it to the morning. Anyway, I hope a year of laughter for both of us, mama's.

blessedmomto8 said...

OH YES, it is a challenge! Especially when you are hearing "MOMMY!" from all directions! LOVE homeschooling!

Kim said...

That was one of our biggest obstacles last year: I was always needing to run around during the day and homeschooling suffered for it. This is the first year no one is being homeschooled. I still run around all day but at least their education isn't suffering for it!

I like your lists!

thechattymommy said...

I love when you describe different things about your day!!!
2 other things from your previous posts-
I love your booth! It looked like a great day!
I can't believe how old Parker is in your vacation pictures- he looks like a young man instead of a boy.
The world needs more Christian men right now and it looks like you and your husband are doing a great job raising them up.
have a great weekend!