Friday, September 10, 2010

meal time.

(chore charts from target dollar bin)

My children help out clearing the table after meals. From 10 to 3 yrs old, they all help.

Two will wipe down all the high chairs (we have four of them) while others sweep and wipe the hardwood floors.

Then all little people must wash their hands after dinner.

My husband and I are perfect for each other in this area (as well as many others). It's amazing how we are so completely different and yet are so clearly on the same page regarding these expectations.

I am learning that the kids are capable-- that I can teach the kids to clean the floor like I want. But since I am such a stickler about its degree of cleanliness, many times I end up cleaning it myself even after they've done it.

I want it to be CLEAN.

So there you'll find me each night with my pregnant body under the table on my hands and knees using baby wipes (my first choice for a cleaning supply) to get every last crumb and smudge.

We are not a family to leave the dinner clean-up for the next morning. I really enjoy waking up to a clean kitchen and dining room.

It brings a peace in the morning.

Who wants to wake up to yesterday's work?


Marilyn said...

This will go a long way in life for the children. They are learning responsibility!!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

Amen to getting the kitchen cleaned at night so it's clean in the AM!!!

I've been talking about getting my kids to help more with meals and clean up. This motivates me to get a system in place:)

Marla said...

I agree with you.We do the same.You painted a picture of myself.Down cleaning the floor,all pregnant .Love the charts!Blessings,Marla Grace

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Oh my goodness so agree! And my husband would disagree! He doesn't mind leaving the dishes until the morning, but it drives me nuts! I allow it, but ONLY if he cleans them in the morning! :) What a great little system you have! Love those charts from target!