Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have been on a Duggar episode marathon. I came across their latest episodes (on DVD) and my children, husband and I have been loving them. I feel so encouraged.

I could be engrossed in junk and foolish shows, but instead, watching the Duggars is uplifting and just plain awesome.

I have to admit, when I was first told about them a few years ago, I would comment sarcastically that they were my heros while at the same time judging them without really knowing anything about them yet still arriving at the conclusion that they were strange.

Up till that point, I had never really seen more than 1 or 2 episodes, so I read their book. It changed my perspective. They rock.

I may not only wear long skirts or believe boys should never show their legs either, but I do value their convictions and their commitment to raising their family as Biblically based as possible. I could learn a lot from them.

They are my heroes.


Marla said...

I also enjoy watching them.Baby number six,for me on the way.I look towards you for inspiration.Glad to be able to read your blog.Blessings,Marla Grace

GapGirl said...

Oh my... I love the Duggars. They are awesome and have all their shows on my dvr...

Kelly said...

Wendy, we also practice "strict" modesty at our house. And by strict, I mean, compared to American standards. And actually...American standards from the past 50 years...because ALL the years before that, it was considered modest for women to wear a skirt, and IMmodest for her to show off what we now consider "normal!" Our culture may have become more lenient in dress over time, but God certainly hasn't. We can continually bring glory to God by dressing in such a way that keeps Him first, and us second.

You would be amazed at how many people ask me what church I go to JUST by the way I and the children are dressed when we're in town. We don't stick out like sore thumbs, but we're dressed in such a way that it's obvious we are careful to stay covered. Maybe an extra undershirt for protecting midriff, sleeves that don't show underclothes when arms are reaching, pants/skirts that are low enough to keep wandering eyes from seeing up them. Someone would have to try really hard to commit sin while looking at one of us.....and that's something God wants us to be mindful of.

Modesty is a protective measure from God, and a blessing in many, many ways. I know that it is definitely from God, because people who don't know each other, or aren't even in fellowship church-wise, will end up dressing very similarly as a means of being modest. That just tells me that modesty is Spirit-led :)

Sorry for such a long post, but this is something close to my heart, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading about the Duggar's experience :)

Pink Slippers said...

Actually Kelly....that is exactly the measures I take for dressing too. Modesty is one of the most important values I have for myself and my children.

Krystal said...

I *heart* The Duggars! And they preach it hard on that show! lol

thechattymommy said...

I have always loved the duggars.
Then Gapgirl told me to read the book and they became so real for me. I think anyone with kids- one or twenty can learn from their book- I know I did.
Love modesty- Dannah Gresh is great for modesty for girls.
My daughter is going to be hitting the teen years in the next couple of years- scary, but I will stand my ground with a gentle heart- that's my prayer.