Monday, September 13, 2010

one day.

The day will come when God closes my tummy and I can no longer can have babies.
I can't even imagine it.
I love being pregnant.
I love being with my husband in the delivery room waiting to meet our new baby who God created from half of me and half of my husband.
I love having a newborn to cuddle with and just rock and hold.
I love watching the way my children adore the new family member.
I love watching them grow and see who God is molding them to be.
I love listening to little voices talking to other little people.
I love having little children running through my home, making it home.
I love just sitting there and being amazed at how wonderful and smart my children are.
I love how each one is so incredibly different, yet perfectly fit for our family.
I love having children.
I can't imagine the day when they are all grown up and I will no longer be a Mommy to many little babies.


Duckygirl said...

I completely agree. :) It's so good to hear that another mom is enjoying her calling too. Far too often I hear women talk of their children as nuisances rather than the blessings that they are!! You're posts are refreshing.


blessedmomto8 said...

You are very blessed. Children are a gift! We are so blessed also to have received each of our 8 miracles in the way we did-7 through adoption. We feel now that our family is complete :)

No Ordinary Me said...

What a lovely heart felt post.

Mrs.Rabe said...

By that time Wendy, you will be an awesome grandma with lots of grandkids running through her home!

Robin said...

I agree and really love to see young women who relish being mothers. I am 41 and would love to have more but my childbearing days are winding down. I am looking forward to Grandchildren, though!

Kriss said...

This entry made me bawl because while I am so happy for you, I am so sad for myself. Twelve years of trying to get preggo, three adoptions and my tummy is still closed. I have a wonderful relationship with God, my hubby, my children yet I am still so deeply sad and I don't understand why. I trust that he has a great plan but it sometimes it makes me wonderful what I have or are doing wrong for him to keep my tummy closed. :(

Marla said...

I agree with you!Love it all.I can not imagine that day either.Love this time here and now!Blessings,Marla