Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am trying to implement a new strategy. One that's really easy. Really easy-- I'm having the kids take out their clothes on Saturday night before bed and lay them out on the coffee table. Clothes that they will wear to church the next morning. Their Sunday best. It only becomes a problem when I have folded laundry still on the table or I forget to actually have them do it.

After showers, pajamas, teeth brushing and before prayers, it's so simple for me to ask each of the 6 children to take out their church outfits.

Ethan is in charge of finding a pretty dress for our little Ruby. Than I assist him in bloomers and socks to match for her. It works great.

After I have ok'd each outfit, then I have all the kids grab their church shoes and put them near the front door.

On Sunday morning, this has worked out great and has cut out the stress of everyone scrambling around trying to find outfits that work when we're under pressure to make to church on time.

Seriously, everyone should try it.


Mrs.Rabe said...

We have done this for years! It helps us to be able to iron etc...on Saturday evening. Sunday mornings are so much easier now!

momto9 said...

sounds wonderful...though the living room needs to be clean first for sure otherwise all those clothes will just get absorbed in the mess:):) Hey maybe it would motivate me to clean up?:):):)

Marilyn said...

Hi There....
I am closing my blog and I want to wish you and your family all the blessings & love that be. I pray for your church to succeed & that you & your husband always have the love you do now!!
Health & Happiness to you all!!

Kelly said...

I always try to get the stuff out the day before so I can iron them. I HATE ironing on Sunday morning!

And for some unknown reason (seriously, I can't figure out why), we don't generally have problems with no socks or missing shoes or missing belts on Sunday morning. So, as long as I get the stuff ironed the day before, we're good to go!

It's so nice to have that organization. People ask me all the time how I do it with so many kids. ORGANIZATION!! That's the key :)