Friday, October 29, 2010

38 1/2 weeks.

This last week has been a little trying on me physically.
I have said over and over how this seems to be one of my best pregnancies-- Not really slowing me down or changing what I do. I don't even know if that's possible, but God has kept me throughout these past nine months. That's not to say that my husband hasn't helped, that he hasn't tried to restrict me from over-exerting myself, or that I haven't let the kids lend a helping hand when they can.

It's just a real blessing from God that my pregnancies have been pretty uneventful until the birth and that I seem to get easier pregnancies than harder ones. But this week, as I am getting closer to my due date, I can't seem to help but feeling really worn out a lot earlier in the day than I'd had felt less than a week ago. It just hit me hard this week that's all I'm saying. I am about to have a baby right? In the past ten years (120 months), I have been pregnant 100 of those months. Sheesh!


Mrs.Rabe said...

You look great, Wendy!

Try to rest when you can...I have held two newborns in the past week! Oh, the wonder and joy! My 6 are all growing up and my youngest is now 5 - it flies so fast! Enjoy every moment...I know you know this, but I just had to say it!

Marla said...

You are amazing!Thinking ,and praying for you in these end of the pregnancy weeks.Bless you,Marla Grace

Vivian said...

goodness girl...i think you are due for some rest!!

GapGirl said...

REST REST REST!!! Your time is almost here, How exciting for you!!! I was feeling miserable about 5 days before my due date... I thought I was going to lose my mind and then she must have dropped or something because I started feeling great for the last few days of my pregnancy.
Take time and rest up and when you do have your baby, rest then too. So excited for you =))))

Rachel said...

Very soon...very soon.

Those last days of pregnancy are so sweet to me. I switch between wanting to see that baby so much and savoring those last moments when I have the sweet baby to myself.

Blessings to you!


becca jacobsen said...

This looks like one of those pics your husband took of you that you really didn't want taken? :o) My husband does this all the time to me, especially in public! But I love your maternity dress. Where did you get it?
Oh, and enjoy the last 2 weeks. Blessings!

Lori said...

Thinking of you and wanted to wish you a happy and safe delivery! Were all holding our breathe waiting for the news! Love to you! Lori

Susan B said...

hoping all is well for you and all your sweet cupcakes!! Anxiously awaiting to hear news of the expected baby!!!take care of yourself sweet girl!

Anonymous said...


I hope that your absence only means that your newest cupcake has arrived (or is very close)!!
How I wish I had a new little to hold-my boys are now 10 and 19,how time flies!!
I LOVE, LOVE your blog and it is the first I read each day.
Praying for you and your beautiful family! God Bless!

Laura B.

Andrea said...

Wondering if your little sweetie pie has arrived since you haven't posted all week. Look forward to hearing the good news!