Wednesday, October 27, 2010

raising up boys.

It is flag football season here in our home.

Now that the boys are at two different age levels on two separate teams, we've been shuttling them around for practices, but it hasn't been that bad at all. Some days, we just drop one of them off on our way to ballet or swim class.

Ethan not only goes to his practices, but has now been going to Parker's practices too. Getting to practice with the big boys has been really great for him. I've been told he's pretty tough. This is a long way from the boy who thought carrying a loaf of bread into the house from the car was too heavy and would cry. Now he can get leveled and jump right back up. My boy.

The games have been interesting considering we've got to keep five little guys occupied for at least 2 1/2 hours-- and that's when their games are back to back.

The younger kids are learning patience and how to get really dirty while they find adventures to keep busy till the games are over.

With a large family we are always learning.

It's fun.

Parker has been called a 'beast' after his games for his non-stop flag pulling.

And Ethan is a little 2nd grader on a 3rd/4th grade team making a name for himself as one tough guy that isn't fazed by the bigger and much larger boys.

I never liked football until I had boys that played.

I still don't necessarily like it, but I do enjoy watching my boys get pumped up and giving it all they have.

It makes me a proud Mommy to be raising boys who give 100% and never quit.

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Lisa said...

my oldest two are girls and my youngest a boy...i sooo need lessons on how to raise a boy! i'm afraid he's going to be such a mamma's boy and not tough at all! with me and his sisters doting on him constantly....we're definetly in for an adventure!