Saturday, November 27, 2010

dispel the myths.

Anonymous said...
Someone touched a nerve with you on that anonymous post.
But you know what they dont know what goes on in your house.

Dear Pamela,
You're right! I thought about just giving a short answer-- which would have been just what you said. How would anyone know that my two youngest have been pushed aside with the birth of our newest just from a few stories chronicled in my blog posts? To make that assessment while knowing so very little about the intimate workings of our family would be "jumping to conclusions" at the very least.
I also wondered at what kind of upbringing they had and what kinds of things or lack of things colored their opinion in such a way. But I can only guess at that. Were they the child who was quickly discarded when baby came home? Did this person's parents never have enough time for them, so they cannot possibly understand how I can have time for so many? And so on...
As far as "touching a nerve" is concerned-- whenever I am confronted by people's misconceptions about large families and their inner workings, I feel immediately compelled to respond to them in a clear and thorough way. That's really it. I want to dispel the myths.



The Burgess family said...

Hi there! I'm an occasional blog reader, popping back in because I remembered you were expecting a baby. I am so happy to hear of the delivery of your new little boy and I am once again wowed at how similar our naming preferences are! You have used many of my favorite names that I didn't get to use (yet) and also one I did (Pearl). Awesome! I love to read about big families, especially when they are cool like you are :) Enjoy your new little bundle of joy. My 2nd child is a november baby and it is so fun to have a birthday this time of year!

Oh and as for this "anonymous" comment and myth dispelling.... I only have 3 kids and my own mother says things like that to me sometimes-- how my kids can't possibly get enough attention and I'd better not have any more because it would ruin us all! Sigh!

Marla said...

Wow, sorry this happened to you. You are an amazing person. You have lots of love to give all. I am due on Dec 25, my youngest is not two yet. I have put it in Gods hands. With him all things are possible. Prayers and blessings sent your way!Keep smiling and loving!Blessings, Marla Grace

Motherkitty said...

Clearly, Anonymous, like many people don't understand being a part of a large family. From what I have read so far of your blog, you and your husband are doing a fabulous job of raising and loving ALL of your children.

When I was a kid, my brother and I spent summers in the Nebraska sandhills with my aunt, uncle, and eight cousing, so there were 10 kids total. Never were any of us neglected, nor did we feel neglected. There was a lot of love and laughter. I'm betting it's the same at your house.

You keep raising and loving your children just like you've been doing, honey. They're all going to turn out just fine. Blessings to you!