Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm in love.

Jasper has proven from the moment he entered my happy life that he is truly a wonderful and patient baby. He's been such a good baby that if he was our first child, I would've been fooled into thinking that this whole childhood thing is a cinch. However, I have experienced some of the alternatives and they're not all the same-- that's for sure. He's been sleeping really well, latching on and eating like a pro and snuggling with me every waking second; He's been near perfect in every way. I really mean that. He hardly cries and is patient when it's time to eat knowing he will be cared for promptly. I am in love.

Each one of his brothers and sisters are smitten with him with no tint of jealousy even from the littlest of them all. Parker loves rocking him when I am willing to let someone else hold him. Ethan and Sophia began arguing the moment we walked in from the hospital as to who would get to be Jasper's partner and help care for him. Charlie and Pearl can't get enough of just being right next to him every moment I sit down with him, just wanting to touch him as if he was a present under the Christmas tree. And Lincoln and Ruby are very concerned that Jasper is ok at all times. Any little wimper from the baby nicked named by all 'the newborn baby' will send the two of them into a whirlwind to make sure I am going to meet any need Jasper has.

My husband and I are back into our routine of when the baby wakes up at night to eat, he changes the baby and then brings the baby to me to nurse and snuggle. It works really good for us and my husband actually likes knowing he's helping any way he can with Jasper.

Am I overwhelmed with 8? Not yet. I have a husband who is attentive and really, really good kids. And a baby who is absolutely perfect. Am I bet. Not sleeping at night while pregnant is much different than waking up every few hours with a newborn to nurse. I remind myself that it only lasts for a couple months and the sleeping longer hours will come.

I absolutely love having a newborn.

I can't seem to put him down.


Kim said...

He is an angel baby! You are so blessed. He's gorgeous!! Congratulations!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Lucky Girl!

The Rose Room said...

he is so beautiful! Rachaelxo

cabigirl said...

Wow! He is such a beautiful baby!! Huge congratulations - nothing better than a sweet baby at the holidays!! Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful baby boy!!! Huge congratulations to ALL of you!!!