Monday, November 22, 2010


Life has its moments-- no matter how perfect life seems to be from the outside looking in. Right now for me, I am struggling with the dream come true of a nearly perfect (in every way) newborn baby, while living in the real world of responsibilities. The chores, laundry and daily tasks don't end even when I would rather remain in my fantasy bubble of newborn la-la land. I am trying to embrace it all and keep myself balanced to appreciate it all. I love this newborn time and I have no intention of putting this little baby down and miss out on all the snuggles. I look at Lincoln and Ruby and see how little and babyish they still are-- yet I find it hard to believe that they were once as small as Jasper. It went by that quickly. I want to soak in these days. I know I will surely miss them once they are gone.


Anonymous said...

It`s almost as if Lincoln and Ruby
are pushed to the side, they still need love and affection :(

Amanda Sikes said...

I so know what you mean! Jeremiah will be three weeks old tomorrow and I don't want to put him down! I could sit and snuggle and rock for hours. But how do you balance that with training other children, household responsibilities and such? No good answer that I have found. But I know I'm not gonna stop holding and snuggling either. I've learned these days are much too short!