Friday, December 24, 2010


My parents had their annual Christmas party with all their kids, grandkids and great grandkids. It was one of the best.

Everyone made it despite the storms we were having. We had such a great day visiting with family, eating too much yummy food-- tamales and all sorts of tasty treats, and of course, opening lots of presents. Our two oldest boys got the remote control cars they so desperately wanted, Sophia got the 'Tangled' wig that she could just die for, and Pearl-- What can I say about the one who calls herself 'Sugar'? While everyone was opening presents, Pearl sat quietly by, just watching and waiting. As her siblings and cousins opened one, two ... four, five presents each, Pearl's turn never came. She began to search the mountain of gifts, looking for her name, but without success. The problem was that Pearl's one big gift was really expensive, so near the end of the gift opening extravaganza, my husband pulled our Pearlie's giant box. Mam got her the Kidkraft Ultimate Kitchen since she's such the little homemaker already. Unfortunately, it was just the cardboard box with a picture on the outside (we had taken out all the pieces at home because they weighed so much). Not only did she have only one gift, but she couldn't even play with it either. Kind of tough on a three year old. But we were so proud of her because not once did she cry or complain; She was a trooper.

Isn't that just like God who may allow us to watch as others receive gifts and blessings while we receive none. He tests our attitude and refines our character hoping that we will still remain thankful for all that we do have and not become bitter waiting. All the while, He knows that the biggest gift yet awaits us-- it already has our name on it. Sometimes, we are like that three year old who knows nothing of the plan and blessing that are already given, yet not quite in our hands. By not complaining and remaining thankful, we set the stage for the grand finale.

Merry Christmas.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Wendy!