Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been humbled this past week.

Realizing how blessed I am.

Not that people with problems or sick children are not blessed, but how my problems, which I think are gigantic at times, are nothing compared to the ones several people, who are very close to me, are going through at this very moment.

Last night my heart was deeply torn because I only just recently became aware of how desperate their situations really are.

Sure my kids don't listen sometimes, break things, spill things, fight with each other and talk back to me too. We even end up in the emergency room once in a great while. But gosh, when I think that these things are the absolute end of the dumb I must look to God.

I am amazed at the faith of Mommys and Daddys I know who hang tough when things really are that bad.

I am almost embarrassed at my blog with all the good that is going on in our lives and the health of my children. Knowing my blog is visited by those dealing with a sick child or spouse or maybe even a barren womb.

Problems that might make them feel all is lost.

And here I am boasting about my wonderful {at times foolish} little ones.

I don't know why certain problems come to people while others don't have to face such difficult circumstances ever in their lives.

I do know God is there with those who love Him no matter how big or small the problem is.

I also know that if I was God, I wouldn't have so much grace on myself for my bad choices or foolishness.

But He does.

I think how much I don't deserve His grace, love and blessings and yet He still gives them to me.

Obviously, I don't know what lies ahead for me or my family. At anytime God can take away as fast as He gives and all for His glory. All to change us and make us into who He wants us to be for the kingdom. But as for right now I am humbly blessed. I know it and am almost ashamed of it.

But I am deeply thankful for it.


Kelly said...

There are seasons for everything, Wendy. We all go through them, in one way, shape, or form. We all are given a "cup" from God. The question is, "Will you drink it, and walk in faith?" As long as we say "Yes" to that question, then the Lord is pleased.

Don't feel bad when someone is stretched in a way that God allows, and you aren't. Truth be known, your blessings in life are a raft of hope and peace for those who are currently suffering. You don't realize how nice it can be to see the beautiful pictures and read the merry stories of someone else's life, when your own is so very hard and being strained.

That's why God gave us each other, so don't stop posting and enjoying your sweet days. We are all enjoying them right along with you.

And for some of us, that joy is a bright spot in a dreary day :)


adsgram said...

God is the One who has blessed you...never be sorry or ashamed. Be as you are...Thankful and mindful of all you have been given and give what you can back to someone whose life you can help be better!

Your family is wonderfully normal and you are doing just fine!

blessedmomto8 said...

I feel the same way about being in a VERY BLESSED spot in my life and blog also and sometimes I am just WAITING for something bad to happen which I KNOW is not healthy. I love reading your blog. Keep on keeping on!

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Hi, I am visiting your blog for the first time, you have a beautiful family. Never feel bad for the blessings, cherish them. We have had one of those tough years are one son was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, hard is an understatement yet in the midst of it there has been blessings. Some people have next to no struggles while others have too many, there are no answers as to why that is. All we can do is run the race set before us. Serve Him with faithfulness where He has planted you.
I wish you many many more blessings!!!