Friday, January 7, 2011


When we first took over our church, it just didn't feel like home. Sure-- it wasn't the church I got saved in, but it was still a baby church out of our fellowship. It was just plain, old and rundown, in need of a good scrubbing, and somewhat dreary looking. Normally we would've waited 6 months to make any big changes, but my husband and I just couldn't wait. We pulled the security bars off the windows, cleaned out storage areas, opened up dark spots, threw away toys that were funky and so on. It felt great and looked much better.

In the early months after we arrived, I had some trouble getting plugged in. By the time my husband said 'amen' as he closed in prayer, I'd already be headed to the car. Sure I am exaggerating a little; I mean, I talked with people and fellowshipped with the saints, but most of the time, I did not feel that the church had that warm welcoming feeling. It was dull and bland. I wanted it to be like coming home to a nice home-cooked meal, but it wasn't. It was like being in a government building. Yuck. That was not who me or my husband were.

Now, after seven years, my husband and I have transformed the church into a place where people can walk in and immediately feel at home. To feel relaxed and part of the family. This is what our mother church does for us and we want our baby church to follow in the same foot steps.

I'm not saying that a building or its decor determine whether or not God's presence will be there, but I do think that people appreciate the amount of love and care you're willing to put into something. I think people can sense it.

I have enjoyed creating a warm and welcoming home for my husband and children, and naturally, this desire has over flowed into our church. I believe women want to create and nurture, and when a women has a place to plant and tend, she naturally does. I feel this in my home and in my church. I love being at my church. I love caring for it. I love decorating it. I love organizing and tidying it up. I love being there well after service is over. I look forward to going there for events or service, and I actually love being in the children's church. I love caring for it and tending it.

All because of aesthetics? No. Because I have put care into my church as I would my home. A welcoming feeling brought by loving a place God has blessed us with. An appreciation.

I think all women have this instinct in their heart. One given to us by the Creator himself. A love for creating. A love for beauty. A love for tending. A love for making a place we are at home.


Rachel and Family said...

LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! your post!!
As we venture into a new area of ministry after running churches/social services for the last 13 years you have reminded me that I can still flourish in my new ministry role because I will literally be running a "home" for 100+ men. Blessed I am! I always wanted many sons ;)

thechattymommy said...

Amazing work God is calling you to do.
Did you ever get my email?
I haven't been on your blog in awhile and now after reading about sophia- you have to - seriously have to- be writing a book- think of all the wonderful pictures that would be in it.
I think you should write it like the Duggars' book (one of my favorites)- you know not a you have to do it this way, but hey, this is our family and what works for us kind of book.
I'm sure you have free time to write this book- lol.
If you get a chance- come and check out my new toile tales giveaway!

No Ordinary Me said...

I really needed this reminder and loved this post.

Amanda T said...

I found you at Blogs of Note (Storing Up Treasures). Your blog is beautiful. I too am a pastor's wife. I very much relate to your post. I also relate to the photos of all your kids in the shopping cart. :)

Lori said...

What an amazing story of obediance to God!!

monaponder said...

I have just started reading blogs. Never had the time before. I am 72 and was working about 10 hours a day at a job I loved. But for some reason, I have been sit down. Maybe for more time to spend with the Father. I have raised 4 children., 9 grandchildren and now several of them have had to come home because of the economy. I let one of my children move into my house with her family. I move next door to my mother;s house which had been vacate for awhile. My oldest son is with me and he's daughter. But I am now getting to enjoy my great grand daughter. She is 10 weeks old. I have never seen a more perfect child. She has certainly been a blessing sent to us from God. I have enjoyed your blog. My daughter and her husband are United Methodist ministers. And their children have never been spanked or hollower at. But disciplined with love. And they have excelled in everything they do. My youngest son is not only a licensed Social Worker at the Department of Human resources but is a pastor of a Pentacostal church. I have been blessed by the Lord and I am depending on him for my healing. Because I know he isn't through with me yet. So please lift me up in your prayers.I have enjoyed your blog so much. Thank you for reading me rambling on and on. And may God bless you in everything you set your hand too. Ann Ponder I am not sure I have a google account but I have AOL