Tuesday, January 4, 2011

swing baby swing


Jasper likes his swing

....at least for today

There is only 2 places Jasper likes to be.

1) Mommy's arms
2) Ethan's arms

Both of us like that about Jasper...

but.....sometimes we do need to do things that require putting Jasper down.


Ali said...

Love your blog. Popped over some where...forgive me for not remembering. I am so thankful your little girl is okay after swallowing the penny. My son, as a 3rd grader swallowed a nickle..a huge scare to all of us especially his teacher.

Hope you don't mind me following along.

Kelly said...

I know exactly what that's like! My 2nd is like that - LOVES to be held all the time. And as much as I LOVE it as well, there are things that just have to be done, like take care of my house & her big brother! :) Blessings from Oregon to you & your precious family!

Anonymous said...

My grandbaby loves her swing.


Katy & Ross said...

how precious! I'm glad he likes his swing :)