Friday, February 11, 2011


The music was blasting in my bedroom and Parker asked
{yes-- asked}
if he could wax my bedroom floor.
My boy.
At the same time, Ethan and I were keeping him company.
We started moving our dancing feet to the beat.
I found out--I lost my groove.
But that only means I don't dance enough.
Dance with my kids, dance around the house, dance while cleaning
....must mean with my hubby too.
I'd better start moving it and have more fun.
Even if it's just within the confines of my home with 8 little dancin' friends.


Marla Grace said...

Nice. We have to remind our selves!Have a great time this weekend!Marla

*Ross and Katy* said...

hey, newly waxed floors are GREAT for sliding across in...but maybe not so great for dancing on. enjoy dancing with your kids :)

P31 Mom said...

What a sweet young man:) I always think the same thing when I dance with the kids...or my husband. I really need to do it more too!