Thursday, February 10, 2011

looking forward to...

Our church is hosting a married's retreat tonight through Saturday. I'm really excited. Lots of couples from our mother church will be coming up to stay the weekend at the local hotel and hear a guest speaker preach some good marriage stuff.

I like these times. Getting the church ready. Making it shine and putting my love into it a little more to show how proud I am to be the Pastor's wife of our baby church. I'm not sure if we could still be called a pioneer work since we have been here for 8 years this March.

We hung up a few heart wreaths and decorations, had a church cleaning last Saturday, and hubby and some of the disciples did some minor repairs and touch-ups. We even bought a couple new indoor tropical plants to spiff up a few boring corners. Hopefully I won't kill them. I don't do very well with potted plants-- it's only the outdoor gardening that I rock at.

My hubby and I plan on taking advantage of the married's seminars to get out and go to dinner before the meetings for some 'mini-dates'. In the past, we've stayed at the local hotel too (even though it's just a few blocks from our house), but this year my MIL is staying at the house with us so we can come and go to run any last minute errands as well as get out by ourselves and have some time together. It's going to be a really great week and weekend.

I can feel it.


Marla Grace said...

So how was the weekend?

Lori said...

Your both such a inspiration, if I lived near you I would certainly attend your church! Lori