Friday, February 18, 2011

our champ.

Last night, we headed to the local pizza joint for Parker's basketball team. The coach was giving out trophies and talking to each kid individually to encourage them to make school and good grades a priority and just speak into their lives.

It was an inspiring night for me.

I needed to be reminded that there are really good people in our community that are inspiring to our youth. Parker's coach should get a trophy for the way he worked with the kids and what he deposited into their lives. Unfortunately for us, he is in the military and has been given orders to be attached to the seals {yes, Navy Seals} and is leaving Sunday to New Jersey. For the short time he was part of Parker's life, I know he made a difference.

I always have a hard time when God puts a great person in our lives, then allows them to be taken away (usually due to some geographic change). I usually end up thinking that we'll never find as good a coach, or preschool teacher, or doctor ever again.....I become discouraged and have even been known to cry because we/I become attached and have built that relationship. It's hard because there are so few people that I trust with my children. But so far, God has shown Himself faithful and brings someone even better. It's crazy & amazing.

While at the pizza place, a Dad asked if Parker feels a lot of pressure because he's the oldest of 8. I babbled off how Parker is just naturally a leader and if anything-- he actually has to be told to back off the kids, because he has a tendency to be a little too bossy. Then, as he was being given his award, his coach mentioned how he is the most mature kid he has met and how Parker is a great leader because he first learned how to be a follower and now knows where to lead.

When we got home last night, I asked Parker nonchalantly if he feels pressure being the oldest of all our kids and his reply was a simple 'no'. All because we teach responsibility and expect our children to participate in the daily functions of our home doesn't mean it is putting the weight of the family on their shoulders, but instead teaches and equips them to be functioning citizens who will one day contribute to society. Not whiners and victims.


Melinda said...

What a wonderful post! It's great that not only do you have such a mature and fabulous son, but that he has such fantastic role models such as his coach!

Marla Grace said...

I so agree with you!great post Wendy!

Lori said...

Congratulations Parker, you make all of us moms proud! Lori