Thursday, March 31, 2011


I almost forgot how good it feels to sit in the warm sun while my kids play in the sandbox.

I almost forgot how easy it is to let the kids get mud all over themselves and not care.

I almost forgot how wonderful it is to give the kids a really messy snack outside and not be bothered by crumbs getting everywhere.

I almost forgot what it's like to lay outside and close your eyes letting the kids laughter and the sunshine lull you into relaxation.

I almost forgot till I did it today.


GiGi said...

OOOhhh How nice. I can't wait for this weekend. Warm weather headed our way!

Anonymous said...

I am a redhead. My 38 year old son has dk red hair and my daughter who is 31 has strawberry blonde hair.
My 4 yr old granddaughter also
has strawberry blonde hair.

Hope your husband can build you all
a bigger sandbox. Make sure to use
treated lumber to protect the wood.


Susanmeep said...

those pictures are so cute!
I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you like to follow me back?
thank you :)

Marla Grace said...

Lucky you! We still have snow here. Can not wait to do those things.:)

Krafty Max Originals said...

I couldn't find the post about the Blog Hop, so I am leaving my note here....

BLOG HOPping around - I am now a follower of your blog, wont you also follow me?? ~KM
Krafty Max Originals