Friday, April 1, 2011

snip snip.

Sometimes I really need my hair trimmed and will not make time for myself to go get a simple haircut.

Nothing big, but because I'm growing it out, I just need a little snip snip. That shouldn't be too big of a deal, right?

Unfortunately, before I can schedule it in, I get antsy, grab the scissors and give myself a quick trim. Big mistake. When will I learn to have a little patience and just wait until I can run to the salon and let them do it?

It would save me from those moments when I shudder inside after trying to be a hairdresser and need an immediate fix.

Maybe I should learn to just stick to what I know.

Hair cutting is not my strong suit.


Marilyn said...

While the beauty salon seems to be a necessary evil for me I find I "let my hair grow out" & then get fed up with it & call for that emergency cut!!
I guess a beauty salon visit is not one of my priorites!!
Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

Meryl said...

I only trim my bangs and still make a mess. I know exactly how you feel.
Nice meeting you on the blog hop.