Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The recent weather has been amazing here in sunny California.
And with warm weather, everyone in our home has been gardening.
We have been buying flowers way beyond what's reasonable and normal.
Parker finally got his vegetable garden bed soil to his liking and bought potatoes, brussel sprouts and snap peas for his first go 'round in his new farmer hobby.
Sophia was adorable after she planted her strawberries; I snuck a peek of her standing over them saying a prayer for a fruitful plant.
Up till now, I've only been fond of roses and hydrangeas, but my husband likes to experiment with a wide variety of flowering plants and shrubs-- which has encouraged me to discover many new and interesting possibilities...


Carla said...

I have a dear friend that 'blesses' each thing she plants. What a gentle reminder from your sweet daughter on who is REALLY in charge.:)

Anna said...

Love the sunning kitty pic. We've got a garden too. :)