Tuesday, June 7, 2011

anything you want.

Since my husband will soon be home for summer break and the kids are finished school for the time being, I'm looking forward to spending a little more time writing.

Really just taking a few extra moments throughout the day to express some of the things I've being ruminating over these last few months. Especially the spectrum and depth of my emotions since my father died. I'd like to communicate those thoughts, because I know it will help me, if no one else.

I tend to bottle up a lot of my emotions-- that's until I reach full capacity and I blow. Sometimes with little warning. My husband's learned to weather the storm and lessen the damage of the aftermath by keeping a cool head- because he just loves me that much. But he hasn't learned yet how to depressurize me before the eruption.

Not that I could tell him how to do it. I guess it's gonna take a few more years of marriage to figure that one out. LOL.

Anyway! What I'd like to do again is give some of you an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about anything that interests you as it pertains to me, my family and my blog.

I've done this type of exchange before in the past and it was both challenging and entertaining. People asked all sorts of things-- as you might imagine.

This time, however, I'd also like to throw this out there:
You can ask my husband or my kids anything you want (within reason) and I'll have them give their response to your inquiry whether written or via video.

Anything you want. Think about it. Just ask. Me, my huggy (oops, I mean hubby) or my kids.


thechattymommy said...

Ask the hubby to tell us how he felt when he met you and how he knew you were the one!

Anonymous said...

do your children feel uncomfortable around you when you nurse? or do you usually cover yourself?

which child is the most like you? (in your opinion)

do your kids "fight" quite often or do they get along pretty well?

kelli said...

I would love to know how often you have to go to the grocery store...I have a family of 5 and feel like I am always there. Do you shop at places like costco or the grocery store? What are some family favorite dishes?

Rachel and Family said...

I'm with Kelli, I would like to know about your grocery bills and such. I too feel like I'm at the store more often than I'd like to be! Any tips?? What do typical meals look like for your family?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and I just love it! Your family is beautiful! Anyway, I DO have a few questions :-)

I am wondering how you manage to get your babies to sleep in cribs or other rooms, through the night. I'm a mommy of three and I tend to let my kids nurse on demand and sleep in our bed for tooooo long, and I know I need to change this habit if I want to have anymore!! And I do! Any tricks or methods that have worked for you? We're running out of real estate in our bed.

Another question...my kids seem to be constantly bickering lately (I have a 5 yr. old boy and an almost 3 yr. old girl and a 5 month old.) The two older ones are at each others throats lately and I don't know if I should constantly intervene and correct behavior (which could seriously take up 2/3rd's of my day) or what. How do you manage that, or how would you manage that? What kinds of consequences do you and your hubby use? Time-outs? Spankings? Etc...

Finally, how long do you typically nurse for? Do you continue to nurse once pregnant, or do you introduce formula? Just curious about the "logistics" of it all.

I could ask you literally 100 more questions, but these are my biggest ones at the moment. Sooo glad to have found your blog! :-)

Amy Jay said...

I would like to know what your bedtime routine is for the kids so that everyone gets to bed on time! I just can't imagine the logistics! Is this one of the instances where you pair the kids up with their buddy? Thanks!

Josh and Kelly said...

I'd love to hear more about your courtship with your husband. Also, what have been some of your biggest struggles as a mom and how have you overcome them? And just wondering if you're planning to homeschool the kiddos through highschool or send them somewhere for that?

Dru said...

I love all the questions! I am also interested in the grocery stuff. I have 2 girls and 2 boys, and the older 3 are always hungry. The 4th is only 6 months old. What do you do for dinners? Kid friendly but healthy?
Also, when do you wean your babies? One of mine nursed for 15 months. My 6 month old wants to nurse alot and really has no interest in solids. She will even tell me when she wants to nurse! I do try and give her formula to give me a break but she will only drink about 2 oz. I don't mind nursing her for as long as she wants (within reason) but I worry she isn't getting enough. However, the dr says she is gaining weight fine. And she wants to nurse alot at night. And I would like to have time with my hubby too. =)
Love your blog!

godsgirlforever said...

I agree with the others. I want to know about your courtship from both your perspective and your husbands.