Monday, June 6, 2011

haircuts for everyone (almost).

Tonight: 6 of the cuppycakes and 1 Daddy had their hair cut. We visited our usual local place where you have to sign-in and wait. Since they only offer $6 cuts Monday through Wednesday and we're getting ready to go to Bible conference, tonight was the night. When we arrived, the place was already fairly busy and with the addition of 7 new names on the waiting list, it was packed. And I must say-- both my husband and I felt bad for the patrons who had to wait till all our kiddos got their new summer dos.

The biggest change was that Pearl had her long locks cut to shoulder length, which may have included some of the hair which she had been born with. She looks adorable with her new bob.

Sophia told the hairdresser that she didn't like her new hair-- but loved it!

And Ethan bragged that after his cut was finished, the lady called him handsome.

The happiest one was Lincoln. He was really darn proud of his big boy haircut. He kept laughing and repeating that he got to get his hair cut too.

These little moments are so special.


Mrs.Rabe said...

How fun!

You have such good looking, and happy kids!

Have a great trip!


*Ross and Katy* said...

Those summer bobs are really cute :)

Rachel and Family said...

We go to Chinatown to get cuts for only $5!! You can't beet that. We'll be looking for a new place soon when we move down south.
And yes, I agree such very CUTE kiddos you have!!