Wednesday, August 3, 2011

addressing your comments.

After yesterday's post, I have been contemplating the comments I have received and feel I need to clarify a few things.

In no way was my post yesterday or today intended to make a judgment call on how others do or do not protect their children. It was not about parenting. It was merely to state that I strongly feel that the city, state and country's officials are not making our children's safety from child predators a top priority. I think I was clear on that in my post yesterday. Read it again if you didn't see that.

This is one area that I am seriously passionate about. If I could start a coalition to keep pedophiles off our streets, you bet I would. I would also like to repeat myself (and will do so until I am blue in the face): Anyone who preys on children or has in the past is dangerous. This is a black or white issue. Not based on how I feel or my personal preference. It is a simple fact. I didn't say they were all killers, but I did say dangerous. How dangerous and to what extent? I don't care. What does it matter? I find it absolutely shocking and frightening that there are people out there who are in disagreement with this. For failing to recognize and respond to this epidemic, they are indirectly guilty by association.

This is also not an issue about an 18 year old involved with a 17 year old. We are talking about children and the deviants who prey on them. But I would also like to challenge those Mommys who abide by the rule of pairs or small groups being safe. I used to believe this as well until I had the revelation that if Parker(11) and Ethan(8) were walking down to the creek, what could Parker do if someone tried to take Ethan? Could he physical stop them? What if they had a weapon? Could he run and tell me? By that time, it would be too late. Do I really think that either of them would have the presence of mind to know what to do in a situation like that no matter how well they've been trained? Do I really even want to potentially put them into a situation like that? Is that something I'd care to risk at their expense?

Are you aware of Jacob Wetterling's sickening story? He was with his older brother and a friend riding their bikes home from the convenience store, when a convicted pedophile stopped them and took Jacob while threatening the other two. Jacob was eleven and neither he nor the man who took him were ever seen again. Look it up. I'm sure their mothers had felt a little safer because their kids were in a group. You can look at the Dugard case as well.

What am I trying to say? Though these cases may seem like the extreme, they're happening with appalling frequency. We need to be more diligent and responsible for our children.

Be wise.


Lisa said...

i totally agree with your post from yesterday, thanks for speaking out on something you're so passionate about. i find it so sad that convicted sex offenders may possibly have a lighter sentence/parole etc than someone who commits a "financial" crime (embezzlement etc). to me it just shows where our society/justice system has placed their priorities and it is devastating.

April said...

Amen Sister! I always thought there was safety in numbers but now I'm not so sure!
The things that happen in this world is just sickening.

Marla Grace said...

Well said!

Leanne said...

Yes, I TOTALLY am with you on your thoughts in your post yesterday!!! I can't say it loud enough or passionately enough.

I'm saddened and even a bit disgusted at parents who take the opposing view and disagree. All pedophiles are dangerous. PERIOD! It's almost as if the government deliberately places them in areas with a high population of children. In one large town close to us here, our friends were telling us that there is a very large area of convicted pedophiles living in the area of the elementary school, and also the high school with no accountability. Ugh!

Forgive me for getting on a high horse and being long-winded. I'm passionate about protecting my kids and also about sheltering them too!!!

Bravo to you for speaking out!

PS: LOOOOOOVE your new classroom ideas!!

Vivian said...

again...i agree. !!! i am a grandmother, when i have my grandchildren i keep my eye on them at all times. you can't be too careful.

michelle said...

I so agree with what you have written I get so angry when some people say they can be rehabilitated no they cant, your government is as bad as ours as ours makes sure they are provided for with money etc (if they go to jail and when they are released)etc and anything else they may need but what about the victims a big fat nothing, its wrong i have no time for them and they are dangerous if people think that they can be changed well let them live with them, i dont want them anywhere near my children nor in my suburb, but the government puts them in suburbs and next to schools so where is the logic in that?? But you are doing the right thing and dont let negativity or small mindedness ruin your thoughts as you are spot on!!!

Katrina said...

I agree 100%

My worst fear is not that one of my children passes away...
My worst fear is that one of my children is taken and I'd never know what happened to him/her.
Death from illness or an accident is awful, for sure. But knowing they are with the Lord and not suffering helps to ease your mind and heart.
Not knowing whatever happened to my child, of if he or she is being hurt and tortured year after year after year...
I serioulsy do not know how the mamas of missing children continue on each day. That's a heartache that I truly cannot imagine.

God bless the missing. God bless their parents. And God, please help us to protect our own.

Like I said, I agree 100%. You can never be too careful.

Jerelene said...

We had a pedophile, rapist, and 3 time murderer try to move in our area. Some nice organization was trying to move him to a new place with his release..I don't remember exactly how many years he served...seems like 14 or something. But quite a few people in our area went on facebook and posted this information with his picture. The organization, after that decided to move him somewhere else. The fact that he murdered 3 people was quite scary to me... I feel sorry for the people where ever they are moving him to next :(
I just pray that God will keep all of our children...yours, mine and even all the people that I don't
Love and blessings, Jerelene

thechattymommy said...

I agree with most of what you are saying, however, I didn't hear you mention the Lord.
Yes, these things are true. I agree pedophiles are terrible and not rehabilitated, but we can not live in fear at all times.
He told us that the world is going to be horrible- we know this.
We can "imagine" any number of terrible things that could happen to our kids- especially with the news right at our fingertips.

I will keep my kids with me and even a little "sheltered" as my husband and I deem necessary, but I will not worry constantly. I can give those feelings over to the Lord.

jenniedub said...

No need to address the blows my mind sometimes that people that do drugs get more time than sex offenders! Sickening!

the bennetts said...

the fact that anyone would disagree with this post or your last one absolutely appalls me and makes me sick to my stomach.

some friends and i were just talking about this yesterday. started with how we see 11 year olds with cell phones walking around the mall with their friends. alone. there is no way my 11 year old will have her own phone. she won't need one because she'll never be alone where she can't use mine, or call me from her friends' MOMS phone. sure- give her a phone when she gets her license, but until then she will never be out of my sight or another trusted adult i approve of. NEVER. my sons as well.

thank you for posting about this- such a good reminder that we can NEVER EVER EVER be too careful.

the bennetts said...

By the way- for anyone who thinks she didn't mention the Lord- read her last post. This was an extension of the last post. :)