Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what about our children?

I'm so tired of people and politicians arguing about Obamacare, deciding which light bulbs we can buy or not, about GoGreen, the country's debt, safer air....

After listening to the story and praying for the missing 9 year old boy in New York City, then learning of the outcome, I was overcome with frustration, fear, and deep anger.

Even amongst my own family, I am notorious for being a vigilant protector of my children. Specifically concerning where they go, who they're going with and what they're doing.

I don't want my kids out in our front yard unsupervised for even a few minutes. There are very few people I would even consider to watch my children.

Out in public, I do not like letting them out of my sight for even a second. It's too dangerous.

They are never to go to a public restroom alone. Not even my eleven year old. There are way too many perverts out there. Paranoid? No way. Overly cautious? Nope. How about: Vigilant. Overprotective? You bet.

For the critics-- I'd rather err on the side of overprotective than under-protective. And the truth is: Only a fool would argue with that.

Hey, if Ethan goes out front to dump the recycling, then I'm at the door keeping an eye on him. I've even got a long list of dos and don'ts for when grandmas are with them. I'm extremely strict about that.

Here's what I think...When my children are able to wrestle their Dad down and win is when I think they're old enough to walk alone somewhere. Those are our rules.

Back to the politics-- why is it that we feel we have to protect every group under the sun and even to the point of defending anti-American nations, spending billions and even trillions of dollars to do so, yet our elected officials and governmental leaders turn a blind eye to the ongoing assault on our children.

Our idiotic leaders are more concerned about the fat content of happy meals than enforcing the most severe punishments on those who harm children. I mean, they don't even enforce the laws they have on the books! Just a superficial check on the web shows me that there's a bunch of pedophiles in the near vicinity of several local elementary schools. This is not classified information, and yet I see grade school children walking by their homes and apartments daily-- without an adult or older sibling accompanying them.

Every time some politician runs for election, why don't I ever hear them say that one of their top priorities will be to keep pedophiles off the streets and away from children, schools, parks and libraries. Why don't they declare war on the predators of the most vulnerable of our society? And at least save some from horrible, tragic endings.

I do not believe in rehabilitating them, restoring them or allowing them to assimilate back into society. If one came into our church, there would very specific restrictions. Yes, God does forgive and can restore them, but would I let them wander about the church unattended? No way.

What am I more worried about: Offending them or protecting the children of our church? Well, it probably won't happen-- but it could. I'd rather not take the risk.

When is the government going to make our children a priority. I'm sick of hearing about all the other 'important' agendas. Give me a president that wants to keep convicted pedophiles away from our children. Over protecting my children doesn't mean they are being stifled, it means I'm doing my job.


Claire said...

I guess I have to respectfully disagree on some parts of this. I am all for protecting our children but I am also not going to be a helicopter parent either. I will teach my children how to be safe and avoid the dangers themselves.

Please don't hate me for saying this but not all pedophiles are dangerous or killers. One bad decision in someones life that may not of had anything to do with children can still label them as a pedophile. To me it is my duty as a parent to teach my child how to react in situations where he may be confronted by a stranger and how to get help.

In the end it is every parents intention to protect their children how they see fit, we may disagree on how to protect them but in the end we all have the same goals.

Kelly said...

I absolutely agree with everything that you have said here. BRAVO!!!

Pink Slippers said...

I did not say they were all killers but I do believe they are all dangerous. This post is in regards to CHILD predators. Not an 18 year old with a 17 year old.

Theresa said...

Yes, yes and yes. I agree with you and I am the same way. I believe that is our job. Well said!

Tami said...

amen!!!! when will our most precious resource be our number one concern?

The Wohlleb Family said...

Agree! I always enjoying your posts!

You have my vote for president!

Vivian said...

i say a big Amen....oh yes I do. I am finishing the Jaycee Dugard book...so I say you are right...protect those sweet beautiful babies...they are a gift from God!!!

Chelsea said...

Claire- a helicopter parent does their child's science project so they're guaranteed straight As.

I would not in any way put that parent in the same category as one who does everything they possibly can to protect their children from danger and harm. Its not even a fair comparison.

And yes, all pedophiles are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!!!!I am the same way with my child and she is 14 years old. She is never out of my sight! I feel it isn't safe anywhere even walking around your block. I see kids she went to grade school with walking everywhere alone. They are no longer friends with her. She prefers being with our family anyway. I feel like there are no families like ours anymore. We are happy anyway. Nice to hear your like that too I guess there are some normal old fashion families out theren still.

thechattymommy said...

I agree with you. But, I hate to let my mind go there.
I can get crazy at times.
Bravo to Vivian for being able to read the Jaycee book, I couldn't even watch it on TV.
I am constantly in shock over what I see and hear.
And I know I shouldn't be, the Lord said it would be so.
I am a big believer in when the kids get older - they must be with someone else. The buddy system.
But as for now- I watch everything.
And I find myself watching out for other kids as well.
I understand what Claire was saying.
And I try to say yes when I am able to, but it seems like I need to say no - a lot.
That's okay though.
My kids know that they are loved.

Marla Grace said...

I agree with you. We were just at a family reunion this weekend. My twelve year old was upset because his cousins wanted to go out on the beach , and toss a football. The people going by and by. No way! He was upset , because my Sister inlaw and Brother were going to let their Children. All it takes is a second. So many weirdos out there. That is why I once again have closed my blog. I want to know who is looking at my Children. I do not want them to figure out where they live. The same thing just happened to another girl . outcome not good. My Son has never had any issues ,but when he sees others with no supervision he wants the same.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. Just two days ago, I went to exchange my cell phone because my old one's battery kept dying. The salesman asked if I wanted to use the old phone as a "pre-paid" phone for my daughter, who is 7-about-to-turn-8, to use when she walked to the park with her friends. I was polite, but definitely got the point across that my young child doesn't walk anywhere with her friends unless they're in my line of sight.

I completely agree with both your sentiment and your level of supervision of your children. I do the same thing.

Jerelene said...

I have and was always labeled "over protective" too. My youngest is now 13 and I don't even let him walk around alone. The world...sadly enough is full of predators..and they want our children.
I loved your post...agreed with EVERYTHING you said. Blessings to you for putting your children's safety first!!
Love and Blessings, Jerelene

Marcy said...

One mom said to me (before my kids were out of diapers) "If I can keep my kids safe until they are 18 (meaning keeping them from being assaulted by predators and evil people) then I can relax a little and know I've done my job". I thought her point well said. I think we should teach our children how to be discerning and wise, as we cannot guarantee even our own safety at every second, but we do need to be vigilant in this world and protect those which we've been given to guard and teach and love. This is not the same world as it was even 20 yrs ago and so much went on BACK THEN that is only coming out now. Really people, take care of your children!

I do not let my children go to the bathrooms alone yet either. I just can't take that chance. The time is coming soon, when I will have to, but we will have precautions which will minimize the possibilities.

Good post!

Lori said...

Bravo Wendy! Never erase vigilence, that's when tragedy has a chance to crep in! lori

Lisa said...

AMEN! AMEN!! I could not agree with you more!!!!

Three Men and a Lady said...


I just linked to your blog from Kelly's Korner.....your posts are such an inspiration to me! If you have the chance, would you be able to share (post) your list of grandma do's and don'ts? Recently, for example, one of the grandmas wanted to have our son spend the night, while my hubby and I stayed 1.5 hours away for a business trip. I had a really hard time letting go for his first overnight stay......until I gave her a long list of travel do's/don'ts that once she agreed to made me feel more at ease. Anyhow, we are very vigilant and I would love to get some more ideas from you! Thanks so much!!!! God bless!