Saturday, August 27, 2011

something to watch.

Divided Trailer from NCFIC

wow. amazing. very interesting. had to share it with you.
would love to know what you think.

watch the full length movie , Divided, for free at---

The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches


Kathi @ A Heart Like Water said...

Yay! you got i don't have to worry about my confusing instructions. please disregard :)

thanks for commenting/sharing


Vivian said...

raising and keeping children in the church, close to God and producting God fearing the hardest job any parent will do. i pray for my children and grand children. i pray that each will encounted the love of Jesus everyday of their lives. i have given them to God for protection....againist the world of sin and evil. satan is trying his best to steal our loved ones because he knows his time is coming to a close...praise the precious name of Jesus!!!

The Pauls' Family said...

Thanks for pointing this excellent video out. Can't wait to watch the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing...that was very interesting. A few years ago I started really watching the youth ministry and I was becoming very concerned. Here I am homeschooling, raising my children up with different standards than the world and yet, these kids in the church looked like the world and it was concerning to me. As I prayed, God led us to a church where we all worship together as a family. It is such sweet fellowship and I'm so thankful not to be told my kids must go to the nursery or children's church. The families all do activites/outreaches together.
That movie is one I defintley want to share with others!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this movie. I watched it and I have always seenthat the church is ineffective. I thought it was just at sharing the Gospel but now I see at more than that. God will never bless anything He does not author. He did not author or create or promote youth groups. He did promote families though. Thank you for sharing you life with the world. I look forward to seeing what God does in your like. It inspires me to see God in mine and allow me to strive for more of him. I also applaud you at haveing so many children. I believe mothers of large families have an extra measure of faith to be so daring as to give so much of themselves to those they birth. You are an inspiration.