Thursday, September 1, 2011

morning {all day} sickness.

This pregnancy has been keeping me a little nauseous throughout the day. The only things I seem to want are strawberry shakes and large glasses of orange juice or 7up with tons of ice.

Unfortunately, not eating makes the morning {all day} sickness worse. My SIL said it's usually the worst around 8 weeks-- so I'm pretty much there. Ugh!

I've already been having anxiety over my upcoming delivery. I had a near death experience with a bad epidural and then, when I went 'natural' my doctor still managed to give me pitocin which ended up greatly intensifying my contractions. So I don't know what to do... I guess you could say, "I'm at a loss."

Please just tell my husband to remind me that I have a long way to go until delivery. Calm down. I've even been contemplating a birth center. Oh, I can't decide. I can tell you this though-- if I knew that it was completely 100% safe, I would love to have a home birth. Love it. But I'm too much of a wimp when it comes to faith and the safety of the baby in regards to giving birth at home. I feel like I would never forgive myself if something 'bad' were to happen to the baby. I just am not willing to take that risk.

Maybe I'll just stay at home longer throughout my labor until I absolutely have to go. Lots of time to change my mind between now and then. We'll see...


Kelly said...

Here's my suggestion :)

What about a birthing center? They are usually attached to hospitals, and the birth can be very "home like", but there is immediate help should you need it. I think it's a good "step-down plan" for a lot of people who need that extra sense of "safety net" but really would like the luxury of a home birth.

And since I didn't have that option, what I did (before my 3 home births) is I had a midwife-attended water birth IN the hospital. It went so well, that I knew that I could have a home birth, and not worry about complications. When I DID homebirth, my midwife had over 20 years of experience, and she had all the equipment there for just about any emergency. She wouldn't have taken my case if I was high-risk in the first place, and so most every emergency that would've come up for a normal pregnancy and birth, she had it all right name it, she had it.

If nothing else, you can explore the option of hiring a Doula to assist you during the pregnancy and delivery. Her job is to make sure that you are allowed to deliver the way YOU want to deliver. No pitocin? She'll make sure your wishes are respected. Want to birth in a different, more comfortable position? She can advocate for you to have that. It's a very nice option for easing out of the "medical birth" atmosphere.

Remember, Wen, birth is as natural as using the restroom. And who wants a doctor assisting THAT every time?? LOL!! God made your body to do it, and complications are truly rare when you let nature take it's course. Most complications come from people (doctors) meddling with the process. Once you step away from that, you will find that everything goes smoother, and the recovery time is much better. Well, that's my experience at least. I've had it both ways, and I never went back to the hospital. It was a difficult, often uncomfortable experience there....but at home, it was miraculous and beautiful :)

You've got time to figure out what feels comfortable to you!

Treasures Evermore said...

I too would never have been able to have a home birth...too chicken in case something went wrong.

And not a good thing. Thankful you are safe from that one.

My daughter just had a baby..and she stayed almost the entire time in the jacuzzi tub that was in her room at the hospital...she said it made the pain way less...until of course she was forced to get out and push the baby....unfortunately, he came out sideways and was pulled with a vacuum as he got stuck.

But God was gracious and gave us a beautiful little grandson.

Praying for you during this time.


Chickens and Teacups said...

please study more on homebirths- and not just the info a doctor gives you. remember the doctor wants you as a patient so he isn't going to advise a homebirth lol . talk to midwives and get a clearer picture of it. studies prove that more babies die in hospital births than in homebirths! it is due to the doctor's interference- like the pitocin you mentioned having last time. there is soooo much to study and learn about this subject. i have had 7 children and 5 were homebirthed. believe me- the homebirthed were all so much better than the hospital ones. and yes- one of my children had a problem and it was still a better birth! study up on what the midwives have in case of emergencies- remember they are trained to "see ahead" where problems might arise and transfer you to a hospital or as is the case most of the time they are prepared to handle problems just like the doctor is. it is a wonderful experience and it has been proven safe. :)

Kendra said...

Pitocin you said you still have a long.ways to go before delivery. My philosophy, you did it before and it must not have been "that bad" because you are having another! Lol! I had a baby last October and every time I would get scared about delivery, I would say to my AWESOME doctor...I can do this right? I mean there are lots of women out there with more than one child, if its that bad they wouldn't have done it again right?!" But, I also realize every birth is different and the thought is daunting; sd start praying even now for Gods grace in delivery!

Katrina said...

I had five babies in a hospital and then the next three at home. I will say that by far the home births were my favorite births. My last baby was born "upside down" and I know without a doubt that having her at home was the BEST thing for her (and me) because I was "allowed" to get up, change positions, turn around, flip around, move my leg this way and that way.... in order for her to come down the birth canal the way she needed to. No one touched her, no one yanked at her head or her neck. She just wiggled her way out on her own terms, right in the water and floated around for a few seconds before I reached down and grabbed her up. My midwife was there to guide me, to assure me that everything would be fine, and she monitored the baby's heart rate during the birth to be sure she wasn't in distress. She was a big baby - 10 pounds 7 ounces and 22 inches long. No complications. I had no tearing. It was a wonderful birth. A water birth.

All that being said, you have to do what YOU feel comfortable with. I did not feel comfortable with home birth until I was expecting my 6th baby. At that time, I had done A LOT of research. And since I had perfectly uncomplicated births up to that point, I figured I was a good candidate for a home birth. The reason I wanted a home birth was so that I could deliver the baby in water. None of the hospitals in our area would allow a water birth. My husband is a fire fighter/paramedic and has seen a lot of home births gone wrong (of course, they were not planned home births but more of the emergency birth types!) and so he was NOT happy when he heard that I was planning a home birth. He was against it, and it wasn't until after he met with our midwife and heard all that she had to say about it, and after he had read some FACTS about it, that he was fully onboard with the idea. After our first water birth/home soon as the baby was born and we were sitting in the birthing tub with our newborn, cord still attached, he said to me, "Let's do this again!" He absolutely loved the experience. We had two more water birth/home births after that.

I agree that a birthing center may be a great happy medium for you. Good luck to you in whatever you decide!

They All Call Me Mom

Mercy D'souza said...

Something you could look in to is having a massuse with you to help you relax. There is special massage for pregnancy and delivery. I know cause my mom used it on my sister for several of her home births and my sister said it made a difference.
She has had 6 kids and I think only the first was born in the hospital. My mom was with her for the next 4 deliveries and she said labor was easier with the continual massage. She has always had a midwife there and so far never had any complications.