Thursday, September 22, 2011

mama needs boots.

Is it too early to have a Christmas list (wants)? Being pregnant throughout this winter means my maternity wardrobe may need some new additions--- hint, hint.

Believe it or not, coastal southern California can get a little chilly during January and February. And I am not one who likes wearing pants especially when pregnant. I am perfectly happy just living in skirts and sandals.

But I don't live in year round, balmy weather, and occasionally I do leave my house at night, so I came up with what I would call-- a perfect plan.

Here it is... it's great...check this out: New boots in black and brown (okay-red would be nice too). Yeah!!! Because I can't live in just my cowboy boots. This way I solve the problem with cold weather and skirts-- Just add some really hot boots. But of course I need 2 pairs (really 3). One just won't do.

So I came up with my 2011 Christmas list. After having 8 children, I think I deserve some really cool boots for pregnancy #9. At least that's what I think... now let's see what hubby has to say. Hmmm.

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