Wednesday, September 21, 2011

farmer family.

We've all been amazed how well our vegetable garden has been growing.

There were times when each of us would stare at our vegetable plants and doubt whether it would produce anything worth eating.

Earlier this year, Parker did really well with potatoes, but not so good with brussel sprouts. They all blew out. And our sweet peas were good, but sparse.

This time we went big.....corn, pumpkins, asparagus, strawberries, potatoes, jalapeno peppers, watermelon and basil. Except for the watermelon, we are having an amazing time watching them all grow and bear vegetables and fruit.

We have had cucumbers over a foot long. Our corn is really there and we finally have 3 pumpkins after watching and waiting everyday for bees to pollinate them. Parker even found a bee trapped in one of the pumpkin flowers.

Our jalapenos are 6" long and look really good, but we have yet to taste them.

Much to Sophia's annoyance, Ruby is eating strawberries right off Sophia's strawberry plant before anyone can get to them. And thanks to Stitch, our mighty dog, who eats and buries fallen avocados, we now have two more avocado trees. I just have no idea where to put them...

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