Monday, September 12, 2011

our flag.

I'm instilling a love for country in the hearts of my children.
My kids love the American Flag.
They take it very seriously.
Parker can be heard on a regular basis reciting the etiquette pertaining to the handling of Our Flag.

Our classroom has a flag.
My little school children recite the Pledge of Allegiance before we begin homeschool.
We sing the Star Spangled Banner together before we open our text books.
Even Ruby (our 2 year old) stands with us with her right hand over her heart.
We have an American Flag hanging in front of our house all year long.
We are proud and thankful to live in the United States.
We are proud of our country's Christian heritage and the Biblical principles which serve as its foundation.
The boys engage in backyard adventures geared up with all kinds of military paraphernalia--
Wearing mini-flags inside their helmets.
My children know that the servicemen in our church are heroes.
We love what the flag represents.

keeping it real


Jeanette said...

that's fantastic! our history lesson today is about the American flag - I thought it especially fitting after the importance of yesterday.
and I love little voices saying the words of the pledge of allegiance, and pondering their deep meaning. . .

Leanne said...

Ahhh....seeing the American Flag makes me nostalgic for a simpler, more quaint time when our nation was thriving and when God,family and neighborhood was everything.

I need to implement the Pledge into my homeschool. Thanks for reminding me.

Conservamom said...

That is wonderful!! So amazing to see the love of our flag! People have tried to take away it's honor but alas it continues to shine through our future and through children like yours :) So great!