Thursday, September 15, 2011

good old fashion scrub.

Somewhere, somehow reaching down way deep and pulling myself up with everything I had by my boot straps, I found the energy to scrub-- I mean, really scrub the girls room. From top to bottom and all four corners. The day before, my husband blessed me and did the same in our room. He even wiped all the dust from under our king bed and wiped down the ceiling fan and its blades as well. Anyway-- after I got done giving the girl's room a good old fashion scrub, all 10 of us all made our way into the pink room and had a really fun family night. Except for Parker. He had wanted to do something else, but got overruled. Somehow at 11 you start to outgrow playing kitchen in a pink room. But he did like taking pictures-- these are his.

And this morning, hubby made hot pancakes for everyone before shooting off to work.
What a wonderful smell to wake up to! And a wonderful husband!

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Healthy Branscoms said...

Aww, that is sweet to wake up to! :) Erin