Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I love a good clean house.

And with that in mind, I began cleaning out the kid's toy bins. The kids all exclaimed that it felt like Christmas because I had them dump, vacuum and weed out there toy bins. (We usually purge their toy bins prior to Christmas to make room for the new residents.)

Only a couple of them are actually comfortable with throwing away completely broken toys, while others will not throw anything away, no matter how damaged it may be. They claim that a dismembered action figure or crushed vehicle could be used for a battle or something. Those kids are not allowed to sit next to me when we're filling the trash can.

Not only that, but the other night, I think I had one too many 7ups because I decided to go through 5 little people's drawers and rearrange, throw away, store and find sock pairs. It felt good.

Now I can actually see what they do and don't have when we're in a hurry to get out the door. Grabbing a pair of socks for the girls and Jasper hasn't been very easy lately.

Believe it or not, I also put away some Summer clothes (even though we live in Southern California) that I know won't be worn till next year. I now have organized drawers and an empty laundry hamper. Amazing.


Jeanette said...

the socks are always my biggest battle! we will be getting ready to leave the house and I won't be able to find a matching pair for either of the boys. it seems like every month or so I have to do a sock re-sort and throw-away.

Conservamom said...

I always throw the socks in a basket after washing them and unfortunately forget about them to the point where I end up in Sock hell every couple of weeks...argh my cross!

Tami said...

way to go! if you keep this up you won't have a nesting to do when the baby comes! :)

Nikki said...

That is always such a great feeling of accompishment.:)I cannot have my children around while cleaning their rooms/toys either!!!I just cleaned rooms and told my hubby I need black trash bags the white ones do not work well with kids.:)They can see too many things they want to keep and if we keep it adds up.I have a question though....I have nine children and tend to keep most of what my babies grow out of for the next one.Do you do the same and if so how do you store and label them to easily find what you need when you need it?This is my biggest dilemma right now.

Anonymous said...

I just randomly happened upon your blog and LOVE that you have such a big family! We have 4 right now and I'd love to have 6 or even 8. I am inspired by you. I'd love to know what your plans are for the kids if they choose to go to college. This is one thing we struggle with when considering if we have the money to have a larger family. Do you have any advice (ie. what is your plan? to pay some/not to pay/to pay all/etc)? This part seems so overwhelming. I'll check the comments if you want to respond! Thanks so much and God bless.


sonja said...

Oh I think I found your answer to the college question buried in your blog. Sorry to re-ask it, I'm sure that's frustrating! Not like you don't have 8 kids to raise or anything haha. =)

I guess your answer is kind of what we're thinking, too. It's hard because I do not feel called to homeschool but the schools in our area aren't good so we have to send them to private school. That alone gets pricey (not too bad for lower years but for high school), so by the time we hit college ... well it just is crazy! I just wonder as we discern having more kids if I need to be taking that into account when we consider if we can afford it.

Anyway thanks for being an inspiration for big family-minded people in a world of small families! =)