Wednesday, October 5, 2011

in school.

One of the many reasons why I love homeschooling-- Yesterday in Ethan's Abeka language book, we read (and learned) this quote:

"I complained because I had no shoes.
Until I met a man who had no feet."

Gosh. Sometimes as a mom, I deal with kids whining about the unfairness of it all or complaining that they don't want what's for lunch?

If I, as a mom, can teach my children not to complain (that means I have to watch my own complaining too...) and be content in all circumstances as the Apostle Paul writes, then I will have accomplished something more important than all our 'school' lessons combined.

In the end, what's more important: Character or Grades?


Leanne said...

Thank you for the reminder...I'm afraid I always need reminding!

Your school room is darling, adorable cute and looks so great! Thanks for sharing pictures.

Mrs.Rabe said...

A quote I heard attributed to Rick Warren "God is more concerned with our character than our comfort." Very good to learn at a young age, or well any age!

The perks of home education are endless....


thechattymommy said...

Love that your saying that for 2 reasons.
1. Saw the Duggars and she was speaking about their curriculum and said the family loves it because it is character based. Thought that was interesting.
2. I went to meet the teacher and they handed out a sheet that said 25 things your child should know by the time they are 9- it was manners and such and I thought wow- I really need to work on some of these with my kids.

Lots of times I find myself upset with the kids because they aren't acting correctly, but did I really teach them how to act in the first place!