Tuesday, October 11, 2011

one wednesday night.

We have church on Wednesday nights, so the routine around here is that my husband brings home pizza either on his way home from work or after dropping off the boys for football.

We have a divided census over whether we should get Papa Johns or Dominos. Life's tough right? Not really. That's how a conversation started about children in other places who do have it hard. Really hard.

Sometimes small children can only comprehend so much about how other kids have it bad. Dirt floors, starving tummies, lack of clean water and so on. We kinda have these talks periodically because some of my kids are too little to remember a conversation we had 6 months ago. It needs repeating.

We ended up turning to how we can sponsor a child in another country and help someone who is deprived of so much. Someone who has so little while we complain over what kind of pizza we bought.

The children got extremely excited and all agreed that they wanted to adopt a child from China immediately. Unfortunately, we had to explain we can't adopt a child to live with us right now, but we can still adopt/sponsor/pray for a child through the Christian company Compassion.

They still were very happy and agreed as we all ran to look on the computer-- we immediately found a little 4 year old who everyone wanted to think of as a sister from another country: Lucie, who stole everyone's heart.

The kids have decided to save extra to send her a Christmas/birthday present because her birthday is 2 days after Christmas.

I think Sophia is the most excited, already drawing her pictures to send and constantly talking about how she loves her new sister in Burkina Faso; She wants to know if she can meet her one day.

I love my family and I love that we can help a little girl so far away. And who knows, maybe one day, Lucie can meet the 8 (soon to be 9) little people who live in America and love her already.


Leanne said...

Sweet. Lucie is blessed because of your family.

Charlie is adorable. We have a gal, Sofia, who will be turning 6 this spring! Charlie is adorable and my kids think he looks a lot older than 6!!

Your blog is a slice of sweetness in my world. Thanks again for sharing your life.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

This is truly a family mission with love. Thanks for sharing it with us.