Tuesday, November 22, 2011

christmas catalogs.

We have a phenomenon which takes place around this time every year.

I guess we could call it 'Catalog Fever' and it seems to be hardest hitting amongst the children. It has been known to cause children to argue and yell at one another.

The child able to seize control of the catalog in question will then grab a pen and begin circling items like a madman. Anything and everything they might want. The next one in line (because we still have to take turns even in our sickness) does the same thing and so on.

By the time I actually get to see all the things my little ones want, the catalogs are usually so torn up, circled and initialed that I have no idea what to make of anything that is left. Tattered and torn, I have to throw almost all the catalogs away.

If I hope to even get any Christmas ideas for the kids, then it has to come from one that I have hidden away from the kids. But that doesn't happen because at this time of the year, there is always someone waiting by the door to greet the mail lady.

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